Another order!


Meringue Bake Shop got another order! Three dozen decadent cupcakes decorated for Christmas. Brian at Sandbox Marketing has ordered them as gift for a client. Sandbox is a small business in Tustin and wants to help my small business. Isn’t that great? I am meeting up with Brian on Sunday evening to deliver the goods. Funny enough – he lives near me too! Hopefully my cupcakes aim to please and he helps me spread the word in our community.

Sandbox is giving me creative freedom. I’m thinking about red velvet with peppermint cream cheese frosting and spice cake with coconut frosting. That combo was a huge hit as the giant cupcake at the tree decorating party. The cupcakes would look like snowballs too. And I can use my most favorite thing in the world, cake glitter, to make them glisten.

To add to that, I am baking cookies for my mom so she can give them to her coworker as a birthday present. I am baking Monster Cookies and sugar cookies in the shape of birthday cakes and will be decorating them with fondant. I haven’t decorated cookies with fondant yet. The look is so nice. And I’ll try anything once! I’ve got to get those baked Friday so I can get them in the mail on Saturday.

Someday I will figure out how to ship cupcakes. From the research I’ve done so far, most places ship their cupcakes frozen and require overnight shipping which is costly. San Diego isn’t that far though. It’s practically overnight shipping unintentionally. So I might try that just to see how they end up. I tried shipping them in plastic containers and they ended up topsy-turvy and a mess. A delicious mess… but a mess the same.

These super cute cupcakes have been making the rounds on the internet today:

Melted snowman cupcakes via blog

I really want to try them. I might tonight if I don’t get home too late.

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  1. Congratulations on the growing business–what an exciting time!! 🙂 Those cupcakes from Craftzine are so cute too, what a great idea!


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