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Well, this was quite a weekend.

The bad news first – my little sister, my baby sister, got in a car accident on Saturday morning. She is ok thank goodness but her car is not. It was totaled. I am very thankful that she escaped unscathed. She’s sore and bruised but that’s it. No broken bones, no hospital time. She walked away.

Onto the good news – I met with another bride and groom on Saturday to talk cake. Cupcakes actually. The B&G have requested that all the cupcakes be made from natural and organic ingredients. At first I thought this was going to be a bit challenging. But organic and all natural stuff is so much more popular nowadays, it wasn’t that hard to find the right ingredients. I met up with the B&G in Temecula and brought along a sample box of cupcakes all made from organic and natural ingredients. There was even a vegan one in there too!

Cupcake Sampler
Starting from the top left corner, vanilla cupcake with Valhrona chocolate buttercream, vanilla orange cupcake topped with cointreau buttercream, vegan chocolate stout cupcake topped with cream cheese buttercream and lemon cupcake filled with lemon curd and topped with lemon buttercream.

The B&G really loved the cupcakes. They had gone to a few other places in SD and weren’t really impressed. I’m always happy to make others happy so I was very happy to see them liking their fingers and asking for more cupcakes even after they had eaten the 4 above.

The wedding is in September in San Diego.

So now Meringue Bake Shop offers cupcakes and cutting cakes using organic and all natural ingredients. There will be a higher cost for those special items but it’s minimal really.

The rest of my weekend was nice. Did some delicious cooking, did some great shopping (Fresh & Easy rocks!) and took advantage of the 80F day and ended the weekend on a ride with my husband.

Ride down Santiago Canyon Road
Santiago Canyon Road

I am also attempting to make my own cupcake stand. I hate having to charge my brides a large deposit for the super fancy cupcake stand. If I can make my own super fancy cupcake stand, I can charge less of a deposit and not have to stress out about it. So we picked up some materials this weekend and well… we’ll see how it goes. I’ll post back on our success (or lack thereof).

  1. Tracie – thank you! I’m glad she is ok too.

    Cyndi – i have a few wedding orders this year already. This one has the largest amount of cupcakes though by 50. So yea I guess it is!

    Suz – I LOOOVE fd’s flickr toys. I haven’t experimented with any other ones though.

  2. Me again, any chance you can meet me and Marcy (and anotherOC blogger) for lunch in The Orange Circle on Friday?
    Email me and let me know

  3. Those look great.
    I love your photo collage! It’s perfect.

  4. Forgot to tell you……CONGRATS on being feature on Cupcakes Take the Cake today!!!

  5. Glad your sister is OK! Must have been scary when you first heard about it!

    Will the wedding be your biggest order so far? I can’t wait to have an order like that……I know it will be so stressful, yet fun at the same time!

  6. Hi Kristin, I am so glad to hear Felicia is okay! You are really amazing and so talented! I have seen your work first hand and I would hire you if I had something special going on! Mabey Miranda’s next B-day šŸ™‚ Good luck on your venture and I hope it brings you utmost success! Your cupcakes look
    delicious, Yum-Yum šŸ™‚


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