Baby shower cupcakes


My Saturday order went well. I think the cupcakes turned out pretty great. The baby shower color scheme was teal, orange and brown. I already had orange fondant but not teal so I had to color some myself. That was the first time I’d ever colored fondant myself. I was pretty pleased with the way the color turned out.

My next big order is due Wednesday morning. I decided that I am going make all the decorations and frostings tonight and bake the cupcakes and decorate them tomorrow. I really hope I am not up until 1am but I have a feeling it’s gonna happen. I am still trying to decide some of the designs for these Halloween-themed cupcakes. There is big potential for future business here and I don’t want to disappoint.

On the catering kitchen front, I sent emails and left messages for 6 caterers in my area and not a single one have called or emailed me back except one. And they told me that they only have a convection oven. I have no idea how to bake cupcakes in a convection oven. But if I can learn, I can use their kitchen so that’s cool. So I guess I’ll be doing some googling on that subject today.

If you’ve ever used a convection oven to bake cupcakes, please let me know your thoughts on that.

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