Gender Reveal Party


A month ago, I got a call from a woman who is expecting a baby. She was close to finding out what the sex is of the baby and had decided that she wanted to throw a party for her family and friends to find out what the baby is all together. A Gender Reveal Party! This was such a fun order to do. What I suggested was that we go with my Fauxstess cake but instead of the normal white cream filling, I could tint the filling inside the color of the baby’s sex. She loved that idea and we made plans to meet up after her 20 week appt when she would find out what the sex is.

The lab technician wrote it down on a piece of paper and the sealed it up in an envelope. Then I went and got the envelope from her so I could find out what kind of baby they were going to have. So exciting!!

For the decorations, I should them some ideas and the mom and dad came back picking this one with a few changes.

Gender Reveal party cupcakes

Came out really cute. I love how the pink and blue look so bright against the chocolate background.

So what do you think it is?

Gender Reveal party cupcakes

Boy? Girl?

Head over to my client’s website to find out!  (and check out her gorgeous photography!)

  1. Could you please tell me what kind of stamp or embossing tool you used for these?? I love them!!

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Amanda, I used the Wilton Letter Press set. I bought it at Michaels.

  2. Such a fun idea for a celebration! Plus those cupcakes are too cute:)

  3. How fun is that? I love it. It reminds me of what we did. We had the ultra sound tech tell our camera what we were having and then we had a party and all watched the video together. So fun to have a little suspense. I love the cake idea.

    Oh, and just In case you're curious:

  4. what an adorable idea!

  5. Great design, love it!


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