Weddings wedding weddings!


Bowers Museum Wedding, originally uploaded by kristin_a.

Last weekend was a BIG one. Big as in 2 weddings. Big as in 38 dozen mini cupcakes plus 4 dozen regular cupcakes PLUS two cutting cakes. It was exhausting. And I was under the weather. Oy.

But everything went great! I was on time even though one event was in Irvine and the other was 30 mins later in Santa Ana. The traffic gods were on my side.

I am taking 2 days off this weekend to make a special trip to Las Vegas to visit Kari and her crew at Retro Bakery AND meet IN PERSON Carrie Fields from Fields of Cake. Folks – Carrie is not a only a baker, she is an ARTIST. Check out her work. It’s humbling. I felt a wave of stress peel off me as I squealed on the phone with her this afternoon on my way home from work.

We are planning on a baykah’s (as Kari would say it) night out tomorrow at Serendipity 3 by Caesars Palace. CANNOT WAIT. The drive tomorrow is going to be longest!

I cannot stress enough how important blogging and twittering have been for me in this baking adventure. I’ve found that having confidants in the same biz locally is not possible. Too much cattiness and too much competitiveness to really help each other. So through twitter and blogging, I’ve been able to connect with women who hold the same interests as me from all over the US and even Canada (Hi Clever Cupcakes and Sugar Baking!). One day I hope that we can all meet. Maybe hold our own form of a BlogHer. Maybe we’ll call it BakHer.

  1. Your stenciling turned out beautifully! And yeah that is a lot of cupcakes! I DO loved finally meeting you in person! I do hope we can do a BakHer soon, what an awesome idea!

  2. WOW. That is A LOT of cupcakes!! You did an outstanding job!!!

    so much fun this weekend. Thanks for all the goodies!!!!!

  3. Cool! I love seeing your progression, sounds like a really fun meetup too!!

    I'm having my own crazy time here in the UK meeting some people I really didnt expect to, hopefully I'll post about it soon!

    Sorry to hear about the cattiness, I hope that if I take the plunge into the business there is space for everyone, I guess its inevitable if you sleep eat and breathe cake that it gets difficult to try and deal with competitors, but there is no reason to be rude about it.


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