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Fauxstess cupcake
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Well thanks for CTTC for the mention last week cause I’ve gotten 3 orders for cupcakes so far!

The first order was delivered this morning. They requested half La Dolce Vida and half Fauxstess (seen above). The Fauxstess didn’t come out how I envisioned it in my head so I’ll have to practice some more with that. But it tasted good!

The Tiramisu cupcakes (La Dolce Vida -seen below) ended being a pain in the butt only because the mascarpone I bought at Trader Joes curdled when I was working with it. So I had to run down to Ralphs at 9pm and pick up another container. And they only had one left! Just my luck. So those cupcakes ended up taking longer than anticipated and I didn’t end up finishing until 11p (and I started at 7p).

Tiramisu cupcake

I believe things would go a lot quicker if I had a larger kitchen. Which is why I’ve started looking into local caterers to borrow kitchen space from them. So far none of the caterers I’ve contacted have gotten back to me. Sad, I know. I plan to follow up early next week and see what happens with that. Once I find a place, I can start working on getting a business license and LLC. First things for though.

I have another order for tomorrow morning. 2 dozen mini cupcakes decorated for a baby shower. You’d think that mini cupcakes would be easier but really it’s about the same amount of work as regular sized ones.

I’m on the look out for kitchen shoes. My feet kill me after standing on them for 3 hrs straight. I was wearing my Crocs but they aren’t helping as much as they used to. Maybe they are just old and I need new ones. Or I can look for special shoes. I just don’t want to spend a lot of money on them so Danskos are out. If you know of any, let me know.

We thought about getting those kitchen gel pads you see advertised in the back of Gourmet magazine but they are very expensive. We might just use garage fatigue mats. LOL. That’s classy!

  1. the LLC is the most concerning considering it’s so expensive. i dont even make enough in a year right now to cover its cost.

  2. Good luck getting the license and LLC. I went through that (for my illustration business) and let’s just say it feels a lot better once it’s done. During the process it’s confusing though! The cupcakes look DELICIOUS!


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