Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving??


Can I get a hell ya! to a 3 day work week!

On Wednesday, I’ll be leaving work at 1p and heading up to the Bay Area to spend Thanksgiving with my husbands family. We decided 2 yrs ago that we would spend this holiday with his family and Christmas with mine since his mom’s birthday falls around Thanksgiving and my mom’s birthday is Christmas Eve. It’s about a 7 hr drive if we don’t hit any traffic. And it’s a VERY BORING drive. Hours and hours of dust bowl farms off the 5 freeway.

I am happy to see my niece. I like spending time with her even though she is a tremendous ball of energy. But I am coming prepared with crafts to do with her. I bought some wood ornaments at JoAnns for 50% off $.99. They have a little picture center too. I think we’ll color these with markers. And I am bringing some cookies to bake with her, the Pillsbury Ready Bake turkey cookies. If I have time this week, I might also bring some pre-made sugar cookies that we can decorate together. We did a gingerbread house last year but that was a disaster. Too much waiting time to allow the house walls to set, she lost interest almost right away. And ended up just munching on the candy that we needed to decorate the house with. LOL!

During our last visit, she discovered my iPhone. So I will add free apps that she can play with. She’s pretty good with some of those games! She figures them out pretty quick with just little instruction. I am trying to think of some other things I can do with her so if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments section. She’s 5yrs old.

This year, my husband and I are contributing to the feast by bringing a turkey with us and I am going to make a Two Potato Saute that I’ve been making since 2002. It’s so easy to make and incredibly delicious. My husband likes to cook and he’s found his go-to recipe, Alton’s Best Ever Green Bean Casserole. The first time he made it was a couple of years ago. It was my first time trying a green bean casserole. He does a great job, very tasty!

I am thinking about making a pie in advance, something that I can prepare now and freeze and then transport it up there in a cooler. I wasn’t sure which one to make until I saw this post from Bakerella. We brine our turkey too and that comes with us in the car, in a paint bucket we use for this purpose only. We just stop along our way and keep refilling the ice to keep it cold. We usually go with Alton’s brine recipe but this year we are trying out a soy sauce one. We’ve been brining our turkey since 2002. In my opinion, there is no other way to make a turkey. Brining a turkey guarantees a moist and delicious bird. My work gives us a turkey every year. This year I bagged a 15lber. Woo hoo!

If you are still wondering what to bring for dessert, check out my Turkey cupcake tutorial on CakeSpy or my Kid (parent)-friendly Thanksgiving cupcake tutorial on Angry Julie Monday. You can either make them in advance, or take all the ingredients with you and set them up on a kids table and let them create the dessert for ya. It will make for some great picture taking moments for sure.

Thanksgiving cupcake tutorial for kids

Turkey cupcake tutorial

I’ll end this post by saying that I am very thankful for everyone who reads this blog and supports my efforts in making Meringue Bake Shop a fruitful business. I am amazed at the amount of support I get from my baking friends all over the world as well as my fellow local bloggers. I hope you all know how much it really means to me. Running this business while working a full-time job can be frustrating and exhausting and I appreciate having people cheering me on in the good times and bad.

Hope you all have a nice holiday with your family and friends. Now, go stuff yourself silly! Gobble gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Thanks Sarah 😀

    Jenny – we bought a portable dvd player years ago so im going to stock up on some DVDs for the ride. And headphones cause my husband likes to listen to Howard Stern on Sirius.

    Jay – just recently we started splitting up the holidays. but i think once we have kids, we'll probably stay home. we'll see..

    Elise – I hope you try out Alton's recipe for green bean casserole. it's really easy to make and tastes really good! hopefully your hubby can get your oven fixed in time!

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving! I'm in charge of making green bean casserole and some kind of a desserts. I haven't decided if I'm making cupcakes or not.

  3. Hi. In our family we used to solve the problem where to spend Thanksgiving and where Christmas in a very similar way. However, now, when we are little bit older, the situation has changed. Usually we stay at home and our relatives visit us. Because Canadian Thanksgiving was already few weeks ago I'm looking forward to Christmas because we will meet again.

    Have a nice day,

  4. Happy thanksgiving! We're staying in San Diego for the holiday, which will be nice as I'm just exhausted!

    Hope the drive isnt too boring. Get some books on cd from the library if you have time, the drive will fly by.

    Great to see you getting tons of coverage! You're amazing, working full time and getting as much other stuff done too!

  5. So, funny, we drive down your way to visit my niece. Thankfully they are coming up here for TG, so I won't be making the drive until Christmas. Have a great time with your family, and enjoy all the wonderful food.

    Oh, and the idea to use the pre-made pillsbury turkey cookies as a topper? This is why you're a baking genius lady!


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