Christmas cookies!


I can’t believe Christmas is finally here! Made it through another year. And we are actually going to have weather this Christmas. Woo hoo for that!

Believe it or not I haven’t had any time to bake more Christmas-themed cupcakes. I’ve been busy with a few cookie orders (see above and below) and preparing for our Christmas meal. I am also making a Pistachio Petit-Four Cake for my mom’s birthday (Dec 24). I made the cake part last night and wrapped it in three layers of plastic wrap and put it in the freezer. I will probably assemble at my dads house in Chula Vista Wednesday for my mom’s birthday dinner that night. I also bought a bottle of champagne to go along with it. Yum yum!

Christmas cookies!

I am getting a little anxious about our christmas meal. I guess I didn’t realize how expensive food is getting until I tried to shop for this meal on a budget. I’m already over budget! And there is still more to buy.

For Christmas we are having:

Potato Salad
Green bean casserole (ive NEVER had this before)
Mashed potatoes and root vegetable casserole
Glazed carrots with ginger and rosemary
Cranberry pecan salad
Sweet Potato Biscuits with bacon and thyme
Cranberry Pecan tart
Lemon custard pie
Coconut cake cupcakes

My husband and I are making everything. I am hoping to get the coconut cake cupcakes baked tonight and get the cranberry pecan tart and lemon custard pie finished before we head down to San Diego on Wednesday. We’ll see.

Christmas cookies!

This past weekend we took a drive into Brea to check out the decked out Eagle Hills neighborhood. There were TONS of cars. I took video which I need to tweak a bit before I post. Hopefully I can get to that tomorrow. It was chilly and we were able to find a parking space so we could walk around a bit. Some of the houses were incredibly Christmas tacky and wonderful. The neighborhood was really nice too and just reminded me once again that we should not have bought a place as soon as we moved up here when we knew nothing about the area. But I digress…

I’m off to Trader Joes to grab a few things I forgot. Oy. Wish me luck!

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas everyone!

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