Cupcake favors & a Fabulous lunch


With wedding season approaching and showers in full swing, I thought I’d do a mock up of cupcakes as favors.

Cupcakes as favors

Cupcakes as favors

Cute right?

These would also be great favors at baby showers as well!

For only $1.50 ea (per cupcake), you can turn any cupcake into a cupcake favor! Instead of giving out chotchkies that will get tossed aside or forgotten about until the next garage sale, why not give something edible for your guests to take home? And then they also get a cute container to use again. They can even be customizable with monogrammed labels or tags.

And don’t forget! Meringue Bake Shop is now on Twitter! Follow us to hear about the latest news and offerings from Meringue.

Cupcakes as favors

Last week I had the opportunity to have lunch with a couple other OC blogger ladies at CPK in Irvine Spectrum. Even though I couldn’t hang around for long AND I was late AND I’m not in any pics, I had a really fun time. I have to admit that I was little nervous. But that quickly went away as soon as I approached the table full of loud laughing ladies. I got to meet Marcy, Julie, Rochelle, Suz, Stacey, and Dana. Suz is sweet and snarky and hates Pepsi. She’s a regular Julie McCoy. Marcy cracked me up the entire lunch. She has great stories. Julie is not always angry and also has great stories to share. Rochelle offers great tips on saving money living on a one income family. She also recently moved to the OC from Fremont, CA and she already fits right in. Dana takes gorgeous pictures and we commiserated on the dogs as grandchildren issue we are currently dealing with and Stacey runs her own business called Little Gym and it also a LOST addict.

Even though I’ve lived in OC for, wow almost 4 yrs now, I haven’t really had an opportunity to meet new people outside of work. Thank god for the internet and twitter! I really look forward to having lunch (or drinks) with these ladies again. And next time, I promise to hang around longer.

Thank you to Suz from Alive in Wonderland, Marcy from The Glamorous Life and Dana from Sipper Photography for your blog shout outs about my cupcakes!

  1. Yes, God Bless the internet! It was so fun meeting you and I can’t wait to get together again…working on getting a “sponsor.”
    Thanks for coming and for the wonderful cupcakes.

  2. Glad you ladies liked the cupcake so much! And thanks for your opinions about the cupcake favors. I was hoping that they would be liked!

  3. Seeing that cupcakes makes my mouth water, I want another one! I’m a slacker too, I still havn’t done a post on the meet up either. Cupcakes, late posts.. so much guilt!

  4. These cupcake favors are totally precious!! I’d love to receive (or give) these as favors. Your meeting up with fellow bloggers sounds fabulous!!

  5. Yummy cupcake…I shared with hubby and he liked it too! Thanks for the love for Sipper Photography too, you rock! Hope to meet up again soon.

  6. Yum!

  7. I still need to do a post about the meet-up. I’m such a slacker.

    Those cupcakes would make awesome party favors. I know I enjoyed my cupcake…

    Hmmm, I’m throwing a shower soon..let me get back to you about the favors…

    great to meet you!!


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