Cupcakes for a shower


Liz’s Wedding Shower

Back in August, my friend Liz had a wedding shower here in Orange County. I volunteered to make the dessert portion of the shower. And of course, they were cupcakes!

These cupcakes were made to look like zinnias. I followed the idea from the book Hello, Cupcake! They definitely took some time. All of those petals are piped on separately. The center of the flowers are golden oreos. I was worried that the oreo with the cupcake and the frosting would be too much, too sweet. But it was great. The oreo had just the right amount of saltiness to make the cupcake a perfect mix of flavors and textures.

Zinnia cupcakes

Close up of the cupcakes

For the cupcake, I made a white cake and added orange and lemon zest. And the frosting was a plain buttercream livened up with Cointreau and orange extracts.

The cupcakes were accompanied by a candy buffet (seen in the background). We chose pink, yellow, purple and orange as the wedding shower colors to symbolize the sunset and the sun setting on her single life. 

Liz's Wedding Shower - candy buffet

So I tried to stick with those color in the buffet. There was a TON of candy leftover. But that is to be expected. You need a lot of candy to make the buffet visually appealing. It wasn’t hard to find new homes for the leftover candy though.

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