Everybodys workin for the weekend…


…. except me! Seems like I am working for a working weekend lately.

Busy bee weekend. Had a custom order for baby shower cupcakes, a delivery for a birthday party at The Little Gym in San Clemente and my dad’s 55th birthday down in San Diego (we ate at Gulf Coast Grille – HIGHLY recommend it). THAT was just Saturday! Then on Sunday, the most ever awesome KARI from Retro Bakery and her fam came to OC for a visit and to try my cupcakes at Bliss. And they brought me cupcakes!! It was sooo great to see her, Brian and adorable Lucy and Abbi. It’s like everytime I see them I feel like I’ve known them forever. We are all just comfortable. My husband entertained Lucy by making silly faces at her and Abbi told me about their adventure checking into their hotel. It was a great visit but too short. But I will be visiting Retro in October when Fields of Cake will be there too!

Me and Kari
Me & Kari

Retro Cupcakes! (Peanut Butter Cup, Cookies and Cream, Coffee and Donuts, Pink Lemonade, Iced Tea and missing – Hopscotch)


Baby shower mini cupcakes
Cupcakes for a baby shower
(red velvet with cream cheese buttercream & fondant flowers and butterflies)

Cupcakes for my dad
Cupcakes for Dad's 55th Birthday
(those are beer candles and fondant helicopters on top of Coconutty cupcakes)

Meeting with a bride & groom tomorrow for a tasting and to talk about their upcoming wedding. I am also thinking about participating in a Bridal event on July 25 in Yorba Linda. I’ve never done something like this so I’m not sure what to expect.

Also FYI – I will be unavailable for cupcakes between July 26 and August 3 as I will be out of town (in San Diego) for work, my 9-5 job. Sucks doesn’t it?

That’s all for now!

  1. Miss Amy O -she did! i was so happy i did a little dance. her cupcakes are soooo good! id been craving them for at least a month!

  2. Kari brought cupcakes all the way from Vegas? Sweet! Looks like a fun day!

  3. Thanks for the shout out!

  4. thanks for the bridal show info. i think i will do it. $100 doesn't seem so much. It's a small show so it would be good as my first one.

  5. Yum cupcakes……….

  6. I feel EXACTLY the same way…like long-time friends…so cool!!
    Bridal Show info: I've had a table at one, but only with a casino, so I didn't run it. It was MADNESS and TOTALLY FUN. Make HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of minis. They go fast, and people LOVE THEM. They give your booth LOTS of attention. and, you're gonna need help!


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