Fe fi fo fum! Two more giant cupcakes


I had two giant cupcake orders last week for 1st birthday parties in my neighborhood. I love getting orders in my neighborhood because I’d really like to do more business locally. Be known as the neighborhood cupcake baker 🙂

So this one ended up really cute. It was for a little boy’s first birthday. His mom wanted a cool smash cake for him. The birthday didn’t have a character theme just a color one. And the colors were lime green, turquoise and blue. So I made a lime green candy wrapper and lime green turquoise and blue polka dots. Then cut custom fondant letters to spell out Happy Birthday Jack. And I made some fondant confetti too. Weeeee! I would love to see pictures of the little man smashing his fists into this!

Happy Birthday Giant cupcake

I really like the way it turned out. If I had a kid, this would totally be their first birthday cake.

The second giant cupcake was a construction theme cupcake. I forgot to take pictures of it though so I am hoping that the mom who ordered it sends me some. The little boys first birthday theme was Handy Manny. The mom requested a brown and construction yellow giant cupcake topped with “dirt”. I made a chocolate brown candy wrapper and piped on construction truck yellow buttercream. Then I sprinkled “dirt” on top. My dirt is comprised of gold and brown sanding sugar mixed together, more tan than gold and then sprinkle sprinkle! The mom was going to add Handy Manny figurines onto the cake once she got it.

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