Giant Gluten-free Cupcake


Giant Gluten-free Cars cupcake, originally uploaded by kristin_a.

I was asked to make a giant cupcake gluten-free for a little boy’s 2nd birthday. He had never had cake before! The theme for the birthday was Disney’s Cars. Since I am not a artist, I had to make something showcasing the other elements of the movie rather than make something look like Lightning McQueen.

The cupcake wrapper is made with candy melts in orange, red and yellow to match the fire on McQueen’s car. And the lightning bolts are made with fondant tinted yellow to also match McQueen’s car. And I found these cute cupcake rings of Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen that I put around the edge. And the frosting is a simple vanilla buttercream. What you can’t see is the inside of the cake! It’s filled with a mix of buttercream and mini chocolate chips. YUM!

Everything was gluten-free and the reviews were great! Even gluten eaters liked the cake. Success! And a little boy finally got to eat cake.

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  1. YEAH for Gluten Free!! I'm in the process of making my little girls 1st birthday giant cupcake (I'm kinda practicing to make sure it turns out) Did you use a recipe? or a mix? ( I realize this post was a year ago…..)

  2. Very cute, I did notice it on CCTTC!!

  3. "The little boy finally got to eat cake."

    That is so awesome! Did you use a recipe or a mix for the cake? I have students who ask me for gluten free all the time!


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