Halloween cupcakes


Halloween cupcakes
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Wow this has been a busy week for cupcakes! I finished my large order last night – 60 cupcakes – and delivered them today. The customer seemed very pleased with them for her party tonight. She took a bunch of my business cards with her to pass out to her friends and party goers. So hopefully that will bring in more business.

For this order, I made:
1 dozen Witch Hats – red velvet cupcake with a green italian meringue “witch hat” dipped in chocolate

1 dozen Spiderweb cupcakes – chocolate pumpkin cupcake filled with cranberry curd and topped with cinnamon buttercream

2 dozen Candy corn cupcakes – vanilla cupcakes layered in the colors of white, orange and yellow and topped with vanilla buttercream

The other dozen was a compilation of leftover red velvets and chocolate pumpkins decorated in a halloween theme. I love those monster hands. I ordered the last two from Sugarcraft. I’m gonna have to keep my eye out for more and buy them in advance.

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