It’s a crazy kinda whrrl


So, if you haven’t heard of whrrl yet let me break it down for ya.

Whrrl is like tweeting a story with pictures. Although you don’t HAVE to have pictures but everyone likes pictures. So when you twitter, you only get 140 characters to say something. And sometimes people are following thousands so by the time you continue your story in your next tweet (3 seconds later), your little ole tweet is waaay down at the bottom and people forget you were there. So here comes Whrrl. You can tell a story in 140 character frames and add pictures or links and each frame follows the next. And then you can post your story on twitter and facebook and folks interested can click over and read your whole story, make comments and just be SUPER!

So here is my latest whrrl about Kogi BBQ. We were on our way home from visiting a sweet little angel baby named Quinn in San Diego and were trying to make a comedy show from Kevin Pollack but got stuck in traffic thanks to an accident so we had to miss it. But then I looked on twitter and saw the Kogi was going to be in Placentia (near my neck of the woods) so we high tailed it off the freeway and were on our way.

The food was DELICIOUS. Try the sliders for sure. The burrito is well worth the $5, full of meat and cheese and kim chi and something else. Potato? I wasn’t sure. Who cares! It was so good. The truck pulled up next to The Bruery which I definitely plan on checking out sometime soon.

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When you are done reading that, you can read my whrrl about the new Target in Brea.

Thank you Angry Julie and Suz Broughton for teaching me about Whrrl!!

  1. OMG they were hammered. And then they started talking to us. And Crocs man did not understand personal space. yuck!

  2. I love the Crocs comment…still laughing…


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