Great Kitchen Reorg 2011


Since I work a full time job, plus manage my business on the side and tackle a long-ish commute every day, finding time to organize is at the bottom of my priority list. But the funny thing is that when I am un-organized, I waste more time and energy trying to find the things I need. It also costs me oodles of money too because I buy things I already have because I can’t find it.

So this past weekend, I took a vacation day from work (what, you think I use my vacation days for ACTUAL vacations? HA!) and because I couldn’t do it alone, got my mom to come into town to help me out. And we worked. And worked and worked. And sweated. Yuck.

But I am happy to say I have control over my kitchen again! YEAH! I do a large majority of my test baking at home since I can’t afford to rent out time in my commercial kitchen to essentially play around. So I needed to create my own little work space in my home kitchen so that I could efficiently do some testing when I’ve got the time.

This is my work station, AFTER. I am not going to show the BEFORE pics because I don’t need to share THAT much. haha

I already was using the InterMetro shelving in my kitchen so I got this new shelving unit to add to what I already had. The Container Store was having a shelving sale event so it was perfect timing! This starter set comes with 4 wire shelves but I really needed one shelf that was solid. If you buy the pieces separately, you don’t save the bucks so it was cheaper for me to buy the entire starter set and then purchase another shelf separately. Anyone need a wire Metro shelf in white? I’ve got one!

I love the Cambro containers that I use in my commercial kitchen so much that I decided to get some more for my home kitchen. I use the translucent rounds. I love how they are simply designed, see through, lids snap tight, stackable and really durable. And they are much cheaper than fancy kitchen canisters. Did you know? Cambro is actually located in Huntington Beach? How sweet is that! A local company!

I also bought this cool foldable cart so when I need extra working space (since I am always testing multiple new recipes at once), I can whip this out and roll it where I need it and then fold it up and set it away until my need strikes again. Brilliant idea for us with small kitchens.

So that was my “vacation” weekend. It consisted of purging, cleaning, organizing, trips to Goodwill, trips to dumpsters and some shopping. And lots of sweating.

We did break for dinner and I took my mom to a food truck meet up. She’d never been to one or even heard about this before. She was definitely surprised! We ate like kings that night! The Lime Truck, Sea Birds, Lees Philly, Chunk & Chip and cream puffs from Bakery Truck. Check out the Too Fat Too Furious meet up on Fridays at the Best Buy in Fullerton/La Habra.

My mom

Thanks for your help mom!

  1. Looks great – we’ll have to stop by for some cupcakes!

    • Please do!

  2. And you’re both still alive~ that’s the cool thing. I don’t think me and my mom could work together. Sounds like you were quite a team. It looks great and I love that little rolling cart that folds away?! That’s a great idea. Have fun in your new Test Kitchen.

    • Thanks Shari – I know right?? haha And you wanted to drive to Santa Cruz!!
      Yea the cart is great!


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