Like major bummer


Sooo I was so rushed to get the big mini cupcake order out door on Saturday that I completely forgot to take pictures. I am really hoping that the birthday girl sends me some. I even forgot to take a picture of the cake I made. It was red velvet and white checkerboard cake covered in cream cheese buttercream and cake glitter. Just close your eyes and imagine it. It’s pretty right?

I did remember to take pics of another order I had for a birthday box of cupcakes. A woman contacted me from the Bay Area. She found my site by searching on Google (thank you GoogleAd Words – u rock!). She wanted a dozen cupcakes delivered to her son for his 22nd birthday at UCI as a surprise. So I made 1 dozen Java Jolt cupcakes with custom fondant toppers including a snowboard and boots.

See the boots?
Happy Birthday Box
They started tipping over. Oops!

Here’s a full view of the box:
Happy Birthday Box

I added a bow instead of ribbon (thought the bow would be more manly) and a card. My delivery man, er husband, delivered it while I was busy finishing up other orders. It was a long Friday night and an early Saturday morning but got it all done.

Next up for the weekend is my dad’s 55th birthday and a baby shower/tea party order. I’m also working on another recipe for the summer…. top secret! Unless, of course, you follow me on twitter then I’m sure you’ve figured it out due to the fingernail pulling from Kari (@retrobakery). Just kiddin KARI!!! If you get a chance though, head over to Kari’s site and check out her interview on the Martha Stewart Sirius channel. It was GREAT!!

I also want to give a shout out to Michelle from TeenyCake in the Bay Area. She has been a great shoulder lately. She has been wonderful for listening to me talk things out about the future of MBS. If you are in Marin County, please try her teeny tiny cakes at the Marin Farmers Market on Thursday mornings and evenings!

  1. Gwall! You are so creative! You seem to be keeping real busy!
    Do you still want to do a Father's Day Giveaway on The Mom Blog? Email me!

  2. Yea me too! I hate leaving it in the hands of others. I need to remind myself not to forget. haha

  3. Cool, another chemist/baker, like me! Sounds like a really fun cake you did, I hope the pictures are good enough for you to share!


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