Love is in the air


It’s been a busy week. On top of having a mean cold, I was also in a week long all company meeting that included long days and an evening event. This week we begin training on our new website CMS system.

I’d love a vacation.

My cupcakes have been busy too. On Saturday, 6 dozen cupcakes headed out to various events in Orange County. Three dozen went to a baby shower:
Baby shower cupcakes

And three dozen went to an engagement party:
Engagement cupcakes

I also met with Sarah who is getting married in August. She decided to order her wedding cupcakes from me. I am really excited about this. Not only is it a big order, my cupcakes get to be part of someone’s very special day. Sarah is getting married near the beach so her cupcakes will reflect upon the ocean, sea shells and green orchids. I can’t wait to work on them. Too bad I have to wait until August!

While I was meeting with the bride-to-be and her sister, a woman at another table approached us and asked me for my card. She had recently got married and couldn’t help but overhear our conversation and was also interested in my cupcakes. Hopefully that will bring more business.

I also might have a possible investor. More on that later.

See ya!

  1. thank you so much! i like your superbowl cupcake round up. 1400 cupcakes?? OMG!

  2. I love the engagement cupcakes! I had cupcakes for my wedding cake and I wish I would have had you done them instead! 🙂 You do very great work!


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