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So this Saturday I am meeting the owner of the commercial kitchen I will be using to bake my cupcakes. I will also be seeing the kitchen for the first time and I cannot tell you HOW EXCITED I AM! I feel like a little kid waiting for my birthday to come. Saturday can’t come soon enough!

I also signed up for Essential Steps to Starting a Successful Business workshop held by the Orange County Small Business Developement Center. I hope that this class will be able to help me get organized and make sense of all the forms out there to be filled. Right now, my head is spinning with all the forms I’ve found out there. Do I need a business license? A sellers permit? A food handlers permit? I’m even having trouble filing out my DBA because I’m not 100% sure how I should file: an individual, a general partnership, a limited partnership, co-partners, a husband and wife, etc. LLC is on the form but since I don’t have one yet (working on that too) I can’t check that box. They ask for information about the LLC which I won’t have until I get it. I am looking into getting an umbrella insurance policy to protect me in the meantime.

Lots of talk about the business! I have been busy baking as well. The cupcakes for my brothers birthday. I also baked some sample cupcakes for Valentines Day in hopes of getting a few orders. I package up 4 cupcakes in a box and tie with Valentine’s ribbon and attach a Valentines card in a vellum envelope. Here’s what they looked like last year:

Valentine's Day Cupcakes Valentine's Day Cupcakes

This year I am offering Hot Tamale (dark chocolate cupcake with spicy cinnamon buttercream) and Queen of Hearts (red velvet with cream cheese frosting) with much fancier decorations than last year.

Valentine Cupcake samples
Cupcake Samples

I got another wedding order too. This one is for end of March. I am shipping the bride-t0-be cupcakes to taste. So I’ll be testing out another shipping technique. We’ll see how it comes out.

That’s it for now!

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