Merry rainy days!


Can you believe it? Christmas is next week! Holy cow where did this year go?

This weekends cupcake baking went very well. The cupcakes turned out great. I was very impressed with my abilities to make candy canes out of fondant. These are the first things I have made out of fondant that didn’t use a cookie cutter.

That picture you see there was of my Red Peppermint cupcakes – red velvet cake with peppermint buttercream. I also made Coconut snowball cupcakes – Spice cake topped with coconut buttercream and coconut shavings. And the last dozen I made were my Snickers cupcakes which have become by far the most requested cupcakes that I make.

Coconut snowball cupcakes

Brian from Sandbox Marketing was very pleased which makes me happy.

It has rained like crazy today. I was really anxious on my way to work this morning. Me + rain + car = no good. Thank god the rain died down and I don’t have to drive it on my way home. Me + rain + car + night = REALLY BAD. The rain has just made me want to be home today, in my warm comfy clothes, baking something, wrapping presents and listening to Christmas music. I guess rain for us SoCal-ers is like snow for others.

Speaking of snow, it’s snowing in Las Vegas! My internet friend Kari from Retro Bakery has been posting pics of the snow in from of her bakery:

More Retro Snow!
Originally uploaded by Retro Bakery in Las Vegas

I didn’t even know it snowed in Vegas!

I am 98% finished with my Christmas shopping. My living room is a wreck though of bags and bags of presents waiting to be wrapped and some waiting to be shipped. I got out most of my Christmas cards but still have a few more to address and send. This weekend I plan to bake cookies and get them shipped out as soon as possible. I’m really behind this year. I wish I knew how to ship cupcakes. That would be so much easier than cookies.

Tomorrow is my department’s Christmas lunch and gift exchange. My exchange item is 2 stemless champagne glasses and a bottle of Chandon. We had a $20 budget. Friday is our company Christmas lunch which replaces a holiday party. It’s at the country club in Coto. Rumor is that they will let us off for the rest of the day after lunch. Crossing my fingers!

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  1. That was really crazy! I live in So UT only 2 hours from Vegas and we got a TON of snow too! But it was gone the next day 🙂


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