Mixing Bowl


Mixing Bowl is a new website (and future magazine) that combines cooking and social networking. You can find recipes and groups and boards where you can post questions for other cooks to answer. They also have contests!

I entered my America’s Favorite Candy Bar cupcake into Mixing Bowl’s Calling All Cupcakes contest.

Snickers cupcake

First place winner gets $200 which if I win will go towards my LLC. So go on over and vote for me please!

Happy Friday!

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  1. You are living my dream, my family,friends, boss & workmates are always telling me to open a cupcake palour, and to be honest I am too scared of failure, the owning your own business thing scares me!
    Seriously I am so happy to find your blog and find someone living out this dream, I look forward to hearing about your adventures, trials and success. And you should definitely do well, your cupcakes are freaking cute! I'll definitely support you – even if it is from another continent 😉


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