My friend Missy’s nephew graduated from Marine Corp boot camp today. They are having a BBQ for him to celebrate and she asked if I could make her some cupcakes. So this is what I came up with:

Camoflauge cupcakes

Camouflage cupcakes – vanilla cupcakes topped with chocolate buttercream

Patriotic cupcakes

Patriotic cupcakes – chocolate mini cupcakes topped with peanut butter cream cheese buttercream

I love making the mixed color batter cupcakes but it can be a big mess and a real pain. Usually I end up losing batter. I don’t know if it’s due to mixing in the colors or what but a recipe that will get me 2 dozen normally gets me only 1.5 dozen when I color the batter.

It’s really easy to do though. Just make your favorite vanilla cake batter (not yellow cake, white cake) and the parse out the batter into separate bowls. The number of bowls equals the number of colors you want in your cake. For the camo cupcakes, I used 4 colors. Once you’ve mixed up the colors into your bowls, take a big table spoon and drop a bit of each colored batter into your paper liners. I usually start out with a small blob and then add larger blobs as I get closer to filling my paper liner (3/4 full). And viola! It’s such a nice surprise when you bite inside. I don’t have a pic of the inside of the camo ones but here is a cupcake I did to celebrate Mamma Mia! in the theaters:

Rainbow cupcakes for Mamma Mia!

So fun right?

  1. omg! i was thinking about trying this for my son's bday and your method is exactly what i was going to do! glad to know it worked!

  2. These cupcakes are so cool! i love multi color cupcakes but it always seemed like so much work! I I think i might be inspired and have to try some today!

  3. Thanks for your comment love! They were fun to make. I got some pics of the insides too. I’ll post those later on.

  4. I love ur camo cakes!! Just TOO cute! Ur stuff is super professional–I love that!!!

  5. What precious cupcakes!! I love your color combos. Especially the camoflage. What a perfect cupcake for your friend’s nephew’s graduation from boot camp. How great! Hope everyone enjoyed them.

  6. All three types look great, but I like the third the best! I haven’t played around with coloured batter yet, but now I am inspired to do so! 🙂

  7. Wow, at first glance I thought you sprayed on the camo color after you baked. I didn’t realize you mixed the colors and then baked ’em! They look cool!


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