Rain rain go away, lemon pie makes my day


We have been having some crazy weather in So Cal these past few days. Yikes! Flash floods, rivers swelling, stranded cars, mud slides, hail, thunder, lightning, and tornado warnings, oh my! And it’s also fickle because one minute it can be as dark as night, windy and loud and then the next minute, blue skies peek through the clouds, the winds stop and all is calm. Then back again.

Don’t believe me? Check out these photos taken less than an hour apart:

I don’t lie. Crazy right? Everyone is yammering on, on twitter and facebook, about this crazy weather and I’m sure folks who actually have normal consistent weather just roll their eyes at us but hey! we live in SoCal for a reason right? We didn’t sign up for this rain and gray and cold. But alas we have to deal with it and the crazy drivers it brings (like hello people! headlights on, thank you).

So this leads me to post a bit of sunshine in the form of a pie. My lovely friend Shari from Bonnin Designs gave me a bunch of meyer lemons from her backyard tree and with the weather being as drab as it’s been, I really wanted to make something sunny, light and lemony to help get us through this.

I was going through my inbox when I saw my Daily Bite newsletter from Bakespace.com and right there in front of me is a recipe for a Lemon Sponge Pie.

Lemon Sponge Pie

The ingredients are really simple and common. I used a store bought frozen pie crust. It took me all of 10 mins to get everything made and ready for the oven. I didn’t even use my KA mixer, just a regular hand held one. The cool part is that while the pie is baking, it separates into layers. On the bottom you get this semi-tart creamy layer and the top is a light spongy lemony yum.


Lemon Sponge Pie

Lemon Sponge Pie

Click on those images right there, view all sizes, then large size and proceed to lick your screen… Go ahead, I’ll wait.



Back? Want to make one now?

Head over to bakespace.com/news to get the list of ingredients for the Vintage Lemon Sponge Pie, make one yourself and let me know how it turns out. One modification I will make, when I make this again, is to pre-bake the pie shell for whatever the directions say on the package. That will prevent the bottom crust from getting soggy. But a soggy crust won’t make this pie any less delicious.

I brought the finished product into work and it was happily devoured. And I was thanked with sunny smiling faces.

  1. This looks very tasty and refreshing! YUM!

  2. I love lemon pies, my favorite. Yours looks amazing!

  3. Lemon is my favorite baking fruit. I cannot resist it's tart yet sweet powers. Maybe ill make some lemon pie today, it does sound like a good rainy day rememdy

  4. That looks amazing.

    I introduced a friend of mine to lemon curd on English muffins the other day. He compared it to crack cocaine!

  5. I love desserts that are easy to make and aren't time-consuming. Thanks for the recipe!


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