Re-cap part 1 – Weddings On Ice Bridal Show


First off, I’M BACK! I got really busy with preparing for my first bridal show and then the day after I was off to a conference with my work for 8 days down in San Diego with extremely (like NONE other than my iPhone) limited internet and email access. Today is my first day back and it’s been pretty busy.

I wanted to share with you my experience at the bridal show. I put together some tips and observations I had being that this was my first one and hopefully they will be helpful to the others reading this blog and doing what I am doing.

But I am going to save those for another day. In this post, I want to show you what my table looked liked, the help I got and the cupcakes I made for the event.

Weddings on Ice Bridal Show

This was my sign because I couldn’t afford to get one made. So I just printed out my logo on white paper and framed it in an inexpensive black frame. I paid $5 for it. I bought some business card holders at Staples for about $2 each and I made favors from mini glassine bags, pink and blue sprinkles and stickers. Each favor cost me about $.15 to make. I found these pretty scrapbook pages that looked lacey and bought two for my table. Each paper cost $2 at Michaels. The flowers were given to all the tables from a vendor at the show. It was part of the $100 I paid to be at the show. They also offered table linens but they didn’t match the look I was going for so I passed on them.

Weddings on Ice Bridal Show

I made 300 mini cupcakes for the event. Originally I had planned to just squeeze some buttercream on top and call it a day but I couldn’t do it. I decorated each mini cupcake with simple decorations. I put out a mix of flavors on silver trays on the corner of my table along with more business cards and favors. I bought wrapping paper curly ribbon at Target for $1.50 each and stuck it various places on the table.

Weddings on Ice Bridal Show

My little sister (yellow sweater) and her friend Marcy drove up from San Diego to help me. They were a great help! Sometimes I am too nice and my sister was able to say no with a smile. I’ll get into that more on my next post. Here they are modeling the aprons that my husband made in a jiffy. I couldn’t afford to get aprons professionally embroidered or silk screened so I bought some iron on paper and printed my logo on it. My husband cut it out and ironed it on the aprons the night before. They didn’t turn out too bad! The iron on paper cost $4.99 for 3 sheets (I could fit two logos on one sheet) and the aprons were $6.50 each from Restaurant Depot.

Weddings on Ice Bridal Show

And finally, here I am at my table ready for the brides! I used two flat sheets for my table cloth ($10/per set at Target). Now I realize I should have ironed them or had them dry cleaned before using them. Oh well! I also forgot to bring safety pins to we had to use scotch tape to get the drape effect to work. Next time I’ll bring pins or something to put over the tape. The tape held up really well though. I also bought recipe cards at Michaels for $1 per pack of 30 and a matching recipe card box for $1 and had brides write down their information on the cards. I also had a special for anyone who books an event with me before August 25 gets 1 free dozen cupcakes or 1 free cutting cake with their order of minimum 2 dozen cupcakes if they filled out a recipe card. Yes – that is an ice rink behind me. That presented some problems but I’ll get into that later.

I went through all 300 cupcakes by the end of the event. I met a lot of great vendors who were there too. The event had a really low turn out. REALLY low. And there were LOTS of kids around…can you see where I am going with this? Kids + free cupcakes within arms length = no bueno.

Overall, it was a good first experience. I just wanted to share some pics with you for now and I’ll write up a more “formal” post about the event later on. In the meantime, if you have any questions, let me know by shooting me an email or leave them in the comments.

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