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Because I don’t have enough hobbies (ha ha), I am growing veggies in my backyard. In containers.

Our backyard garden

Jalapenos. My husband and I were talking about how to tell if they are ready to be picked. I assumed that jalapenos were green but if you leave them on the plant for a while, they will turn red. I also learned that a ripe jalapeno will show signs of corking on it. This also means its gonna be hotter. Corking is like stress lines on the plant. They kinda look like scabs, sorry to gross you out. They are little dry brown lines up and down the fruit.

Our backyard garden

Tomatoes! Specifically Lemon Boy tomatoes. Which we knew nothing about. The plant was only $9 at Costco and was already bearing fruit so score for us. Except man do tomatoes take a long time to ripen. Sheesh. We’ve had this plant for at least a month now and they just aren’t getting yellow. More tomatoes are growing though. Not sure what we are going to do with these. My husband wants to turn them into sauce but I don’t know if that is what they are used for. A yellow sauce? I don’t know. Definitely salsa. Maybe a tomato tart since these are gonna be so pretty.

Our backyard garden

Roma tomatoes. This is an old pic. Those tomatoes have already turned red and been plucked off. They were kinda mushy though. Mealy. I don’t know if it’s because it was the first batch. Or we left them on too long. There are a bunch more growing so we’ll see for the next round.

Our backyard garden

Can you guess what this is??

It’s CORN! we are growing corn in our backyard in Anaheim Hills, Orange County, California. Yeehaw! One of these stocks is already sprouting. My husband has said that is not a good thing since they are still short. Maybe they are dwarf corn? Does that exist?

Not pictured:
Shallots, strawberries, lemon tree (that is PATHETIC btw), carrot seeds, onion seeds and lettuce seeds.

I haven’t found a home for the shallots yet. I am not exactly sure how shallots work. I mean, your eat the bulb. So I guess I’ll just have to replant the root part of the bulb? And we have onion and carrot seeds that haven’t been started yet. I thought the onions would need some depth to grow but I’ve learned from searching the web that they only need 12″ of depth and 6″ in between each plant. The carrots are another story and from what I’ve been reading, I don’t think CA is good carrot climate. So we’ll see.

And just to share some more pictures.

While these may look nice, they are the bane of my existence. Pine needles shed ALLLL OVER OUR YARD. It’s killing our grass. It’s a constant battle to clean them up. ANNOYING.

This is one of the reasons why we bought this place:

View from our backyard

Hmm something doesn’t belong up there….
Um something doesn't belong up there!!

  1. Laurnie – ive seen those pods. good to know that they work. maybe ill try those. i know what you mean about the frost comments. pretty much all the season warnings on those seed packets don't apply to us here in SoCal.

    Rene – hi! thanks for commenting! yes haha it's the plates. ;D

  2. Its the plates on the table that don't belong, right?

    Or maybe the phone?



  3. I bought these little pods they sell, I got mine at Home Depot. I think mine came with 36 pods. Anyways, I started the seeds in ALL of them, in case some of them didn’t take, and then transferred the strongest ones once they were bigger. The little pods come with instructions, its super easy. I did tomatoes, basil, green beans, garbanzo beans, dill, thyme, and three peppers. Oh and onion, and I live in an APARTMENT. Its so much fun though! But Im starting to see the life of the critters, bleck!

    My favorite part when I read the seed packages, is when they talk about planting after first frost. Living in CA, I don’t think Ive ever seen a “frost” I need to worry about.

  4. Hi Laurnie! Thanks for commenting.
    They were pre-planted. The ones in the pic came on the plant. But we've had some more growing new so I hope they are better.

    I have some seeds but I've never done something from seed. I was going to start them in dixie cups and then transfer. How did you start them?

  5. I started a garden, too! I live in Mission Viejo. The peppers we bought as a grown (ish) plant, but I started everything else from seed. My romas are taking FOREVER! Did you buy them pre-planted?


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