Happy New Year! Some changes in 2012


Happy New Year! Thank you to all our customers, friends and cheerleaders in 2011. We hope that love for our desserts carries on in 2012.

More changes are coming too but I’ll save that for a later post. We are also introducing a NEW cake concept! Can’t wait to share it with you. It is sooo cool! And fun!! It makes birthdays and special events even more smashing!

We are making a few changes this year. The first one being our attendance at the Great

Park Farmers Market. We will no longer be there every Sunday. We will now be there the 2nd and last Sunday of the month. I know that is kind of confusing and we apologize but we think this will work out best for our business model. We are trying it out and we’ll see how well it goes. And we really miss our regulars! If you haven’t stopped by the market since it changed locations, make sure to stop by soon! They’ve added a lot of new produce vendors, fresh baked breads, artisan teas and honeys plus the rotating food trucks and live music. They’ve also added Car Shows and an antique market the first Sunday of the month. Be your own Mike and Frank (name that show!) and do some picking of your own!

Happy 2012! 

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