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Club Penguin themed PushCakes

Whoow has it been busy! And hot. Holy smokes has it been hot. During the week, I am inside an office building all day with AC (day job). I only truly appreciated how hot it was when we were sitting outside at the Great Park Farmers Market all day on Sunday. Never have I been so happy to have an occasional breeze. And flowing ice tea from One Love Tea. Peach Ginger is my fav.

We’ve been really busy with PushCake orders lately. I attribute it to the summer. PushCakes are so easy to eat! They are great for movie theaters, pool parties and even time on the beach. You can leave them in your coolers and then take them out and nibble whenever you want a sweet. Then just cap the lid back on and save it for later. Water stays out of them, sand stays out of them. They are super cool. And fingers stay mess-free which is an added bonus! They also make a great fun addition for back-t0-school lunches. Help ease back into the new school year.

Smurf themed PushCakes

Club Penguin themed PushCakes

We are approaching our 1 year anniversary since we introduced PushCakes to the world and I think we are going to do a PRETTY AWESOME giveaway. Something open to the entire US. I am still working out all the details. But stayed tuned by liking our PushCakes and Meringue Bake Shop facebook pages. And remember, even though there are a lot of imitators out there right now in SoCal, if they don’t say PushCakes, they aren’t the original thing!

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  1. these are the COOLEST things! I was blog-hopping and stumbled across this page… so glad I ended up here. I’ve been meaning to stop back by the farmer’s market (only been to that one once…eep!), and now I TOTALLY have a reason to go. Gotta get my sweet tooth ON!


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