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Ok so it’s been a few more days that I’d hoped passed by before I got a chance to write up about Cupcake Camp. Ok weeks actually. Months? I got a cold (thanks honey!) and it knocked me off my butt for a while and then a lot of other stuff happened which is not happy cupcake stuff and I don’t want to bring ya’ll down.  So my apologies for taking so much time to get to this. I promise lots of pics. That’s what you like anyway, right?

So here is the winning cupcake:
The Orange Crush

Orange Crush - the winner - at Cupcake Camp OC!

That tiny sign down there says
“Orange Crush cake
Creamsicle buttercream”

Thank you to Marcy for supplying me with that great old ad and Blog Crush logos for the cupcake toppers. Have you heard of Blog Crush? No? Well head on over and check it out. The Blog Crush group has allowed me to meet some pretty incredible OC peeps in the handful of years that I’ve lived here. Before I joined up, the only people that were my friends up here were people I worked with. And now I have lots of new friends, great blogs to read and have had endless networking opportunities. It’s really a good thing.

So when I decided to enter in the competition part of Cupcake Camp, I knew I wanted to do something that not only represented OC but also this awesome group of people. The name was already a play off the deliciously orangey drink so why not experiment with it in cake form? 7-Up has been getting all the cake love so it was time for a new soda to come in.

I honestly am surprised at how fast these suckers left my table. I really didn’t think people were going to be crazy for orange cupcakes. I thought my red velvet would be the first to disappear and then the cookie dough peanut butter cupcakes (A Kid Again). But Orange Crush was literally flying off the stand. It was so exciting! And a bummer cause I ran out of them about an hour into the camp. So I am really sorry to all the folks who stopped by and came face to face with empty cupcake stands.

The competition!

The competition! Daunting isn’t it? Thank GOD I didn’t have to sample all of those. I felt really bad for the judges who looked like they were going to up chuck cupcakes at any moment.

You can read some of the judges re-caps here:
The Cupcake Activist
She’s Cookin

Actually, Elise put together a great list of re-caps which you can catch here

This was my other entry. Sorry about the horrible picture. It was a risky flavor but I think it was good. If I had a shop, I’d offer it. But I did not add it to my flavor menu because I don’t think anyone would want to order a whole dozen of them.

Berry Balsamic

Berry Balsamic was a strawberry cake filled with macerated strawberries and topped with balsamic buttercream and a brulee strawberry. It lost to a Chicken and Waffle cupcake.

Some familiar faces showed up at our table which really made my day.

Debbie, owner of Dippin Dots in Fountain Valley and her lovely daughter
Debbie and her daughter

Marcie, of Marcie Taylor Photography and Albert the man behind

Marcie and Albert

Angry Julie and Angry Kid
She also did a great post too.

It was a fun experience. I don’t think the organizers expected so many folks to show up. But they ended up with nearly 1000 people in attendance, 90 registered bakers, 5201 cupcakes, and raised $9100 to help aid El Pozo!
Pretty awesome.

MAJOR thanks to Sharon from Cupcakes&Cutlery for helping me set my table up and having props to use and that handy dandy magic tool box. Check out her website when you get a chance. It’s full of some great party ideas. And she now has a Facebook page so go on over and Like her.

Pretty much says it all.
  1. Shari – I didn't get one of the shirts! I am truly devastated. Ugh! I asked if they would make the artwork available on Zazzle or something like that & they said no. So no shirt for me 🙁

    Thanks Marcy! 😀 I'll have to make a batch of them for the next Blogcrush meetup.

    Elise – glad you liked it! I was worried it might be too risky.

  2. I loved your berry balsamic cupcake. I wasn't expecting to like it, but it was really, really good. Congrats on the win!

  3. I am giddy to see the blogcrush logo up there on that cupcake! I think it is a brilliant idea for a cupcake….you are so so talented. And more importantly PASSIONATE about what you do….and I love that.

  4. Great post Kristin! I wish I could have been in two places at one time 😉 I hope you got one of those cool t-shirts.


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