Today is your birthday, dahnah dahnah, dahnah


Lots of birthday orders last weekend –

Giant cupcake 1st Birthday for a Girl

This was for a little girls 1st birthday. The parents requested this as her smash cake. I hope she had fun!

Custom 2 doz mini Queen of Hearts

Birthday mini cupcakes for a girls 8th from her aunt

Custom Happy Birthday mini cupcakes

More mini cupcakes. There were from a daughter to her mom. There were 4 doz mini’s total but I forgot to take a picture of the other dozen. You can’t see from the picture but I made embossed fondant discs accented with sugar pearls and disco dust. The lettering was also brushed with disco dust.

Lots of orders for mini cupcakes lately. And this weekend, I have two weddings on Saturday where one is for 450 mini cupcakes. Yowza.

I also had a tasting on Sunday for a little girl’s upcoming 4th birthday.

Tasting box

The little girl was a DOLL. Her favorite was the groovy with pink buttercream. And her mom liked the fauxstess. The birthday party theme is going to be Jasmine from Aladdin. I am going to make a giant cupcake that will look like a tower on an arabian castle and accompanying mini cupcakes with Jasmine crowns.

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