Unicorns and Winnie the Pooh


Right now, I am in the throws of Black Friday shopping. Elbows out and sneakers on. LOL! but thanks to www.blackfriday.info, I am totally prepared. I know what I need to get and where it’s at for the best deal.

Anyway, wanted to share with you some recent orders I’ve had.

The first one was for a little girls birthday party. She really wanted unicorns so we did a mix of unicorns and her name spelled out:

Unicorn cupcakes

Unicorn cupcakes

And this order was for a little boy’s first birthday. The theme was baby Winnie the Pooh. Man, it was hard to find some ideas for that! I found lots of Classic Pooh, Pooh and Friends but little of baby Winnie. So I decided to make the buttercream look like beehives and then crafted these bees by hand. I stuck toothpicks in them to give the illusion that they are buzzing around the hive.

Bumblebee cupcakes

And then found some cute brightly colored cupcake rings and added those to the other dozen cupcakes. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Winnie the Pooh cupcakes

Awww Piglet. I just loved Piglet when I was little. I also had a Winnie the Pooh that was so incredibly loved that he had only one eye and no mouth. The felt pieces had come off. But I didn’t care. I don’t remember what happened to him. Wow, that’s sad. What a downer!

Haha, alrightly, well there are some recent orders I’ve had. There have been others but I’ve decided not to take pictures of just my standard decorated cupcake orders. I have plenty of those types of pictures. So I’ll only be showing customized orders now. Unless I come up with a new flavor.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that you are not insane like me out at the crack of dawn to get a deal!

Only 4 weekends left until Christmas!

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