Valentine’s Day cupcakes


Valentine’s Day cupcakes
This year, like last, I marketed boxes of Valentines Day cupcakes for sale. I ended up getting 17 orders which was great. Each box contained 4 cupcakes – 2 in each flavor, decorated for Valentine’s day. The flavors were Hot Tamale and Queen of Hearts.
Valentine's Day cupcakes Valentine's Day cupcakes

I’ve been wanting to get more creative with my fondant so I decided to emboss my hearts this year. I really love how it looked. From a suggestion I received from the CTTC discussion board, I found some Cuttlebug scrapbooking embossers at Michaels. I just laid it on top of my fondant and rolled with some pressure. Viola! Embossed fondant. I also found some other embossing tools at Tuesday Morning for cheap. Can’t wait to try those ones out.

40th Birthday cupcakes
Here is another example. I embossed the circles with the 40’s on them.

For an upcoming wedding, I’ll be embossing some fondant for the tops of her wedding cupcakes. These Valentine’s cupcake were my trial run and I’m really pleased with how they came out.

Speaking of weddings, I’ve booked another wedding for September. Fall is going to be a very busy season!

  1. Hi Cyndi, I charged $10 per box of 4. Each 4 comes packed in a cupcake box and wrapped with valentine ribbon and a card.

  2. They are so cute! How much do you charge for the 4-pack?

  3. thanks!!

  4. These turned out great!


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