Wedding cupcakes


My first wedding has gone and past without any problems. It was really fun to create all these different flavors and decorations. I had some help too (thanks Terryn!) otherwise it would have been a very long night.

As promised, here are some pictures:

Wedding cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes

The bride ordered 7 dozen cupcakes in the following flavors:

Queen of Hearts – Red Velvet with cream cheese buttercream
Celebration (new flavor) – Champagne cupcake filled with raspberries and topped with Champagne buttercream
Southern Belle – Coconut cake topped with coconut creme pie buttercream
DIY – Chocolate stout cupcake topped with marshmallow buttercream (groom’s request)

For more flavors, visit the menu on my website –

I was unsure about the acrylic stand but I actually ended up loving it. I think it looks great! It really makes the cupcake stand out. It ended up being enough to hold 35 cupcakes with another 15 underneath along the bottom for a total of 50 cupcakes. The leftover cupcakes were kept in the fridge for part 2 of the reception taking place later that evening.

So it was a busy weekend but I enjoyed every minute of it!! I really wanted to make it to the LA Cupcake Challenge on Sunday but I was too tired and pretty cupcaked out. Hopefully next year I’ll be participating in the challenge! That’s one of my goals.

Right now I am looking for someone to help me build a logo/create an image for Meringue Bake Shop. It’s having an identity crisis. If you know of anyone that could help, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

  1. where oh where did you get that tower. it’s awesome.

  2. thank you for all the compliments! these were really fun to make. And thanks for the contacts for designers. I will be contacting you shortly 🙂

  3. Those cupcakes look amazing! You are VERY talented! Thanks for recommending the Retro Bakery! I will have to stop by! Maybe I will see you there haha I hope you have fun in VEGAS!!!! WOOOOOO!!!

  4. I bet those made the guests very happy. I think cupcakes at a wedding are such a neat idea. Keep up the good and beautiful work, Kristin!

  5. HEY! Congrats! Good for you.
    They look amazing and fun.

  6. Looks like you did a totally stellar job!! These cupcakes look fantastic, and the flavors sound just divine! Congrats on such a wonderful job.

  7. Those are so beautiful!!!

  8. Kristin:
    These are beautiful! Love the flavor combinations as well. Want to hear more about the stand.

  9. Those cupcakes are so adorable. I love cupcakes I think that they are always so fun.

    I too am a Graphic Designer, if you would need any work. Let me know. I would be glad to help you out. You can email me at

    🙂 Rachel

  10. Hi Kristin!

    Your cupcakes look yummy as always! I love the colors and the red velvet with cream cheese buttercream is making me very hungry. haha

    Great work!

    I can also help with your logo question – I'm a graphic designer. Here's my contact info: & 714.328.3808.

    twitter | tanyaahedo 🙂


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