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Happy Birthday cupcake box

Meringue Bake Shop is starting to get some action!

I had an order for another birthday box minus the balloons and candles for a coworker. Her husband turned 45 today and he loves chocolate (and my cupcakes) so she asked me to make him this box to celebrate.

The cupcakes are chocolate with cookie dough inside and topped with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream. I tried one. They are delicious! I might add these to my menu…

Speaking of menu, I got a shout out on Cupcakes Take the Cake blog yesterday. Read about it here: http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com/2008/10/meringue-bake-shop-in-orange-county-ca.html

How cool is that! And that mention on their site brought me business! I got an email this morning from someone wanting to purchase 1 dozen cupcakes to be delivered on Friday. Can I tell you how excited that makes me?? I’ve been giddy all day!! A stranger is buying my cupcakes! Not a friend or a friend of a friend or a coworker. A complete stranger! And, to top that, I’m delivering them to a hotel in Anaheim. You know I’ll be leaving some business cards with them. I might even take along 4 extra cupcakes to leave for the hotel staff… hmmm….

So that’s what’s been happening lately. It just makes me wish more and more that I could open my own shop and leave this rat race. Lyle is going to help me research investors online. I guess there are quite a few places where investors look to help out small businesses. Having an investor is kinda weird though. I guess in a way I’d still be reporting to someone right? I don’t know. We’ll see…

Right now I’m also working on my Halloween email. That should be going out tomorrow. I just need to mock up some Halloween-themed packages, take pics and send out the email. I hope that generates some business. Those are always fun to do. And then, in early November, I’m planning to send out another email focusing on Thanksgiving. Not just cupcakes but also pies and biscotti and dessert bars.

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