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Pink, Black and White Baby Shower

2014-02-22 10.52.41 copy

One of my life long friends is having baby #3 at the end of this month. Her sister and I decided to throw her a baby sprinkle. Just a few friends and some necessary gifts, like diapers, wet bags, etc. It’s her 3rd girl so she is all set in every other department. But we still wanted to get together to celebrate her and the new baby. A baby sprinkle was the perfect way to do that. Read more

Operation Shower Sweet Surprises


Earlier this month, I had the honor of volunteering for the spring Operation Shower & Babies R Us event at Universal Studios Hollywood called Sweet Surprises. It was guest hosted by celebrity Heidi Klum, who carries a line at Babies R Us called Truly Scrumptious.

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DIY: Mini Funnel Cakes for a Bridal Shower Dessert Table

Last month, Sharon from Cupcakes and Cutlery, asked if I could help bring her dessert table ideas for a bridal shower to fruition. Since I love to do new stuff (and, honestly, I’d do anything for Sharon), I said “heck ya!”. Hop on over and read all about the “For, Like, Ever” shower she threw for Lauren of A Fabulous Fete.


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Baby elephants on parade


I don’t do cakes very often. Most of my orders are for cupcakes and then maybe a cutting cake or smash cake for the little one. So when I do get a cake, it breaks up the norm. I love the way this one came out. It was made to match the baby shower invitations which had a punched elephant on top of card stock in yellow and teal patterns.

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Pink and ivory bridal shower

This past Saturday, we put together a dessert bar for a client that was hosting a bridal shower at her home. The theme was pink and ivory with a few touches of glitter and sea shells to compliment the wedding theme.


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Gender Reveal Party


A month ago, I got a call from a woman who is expecting a baby. She was close to finding out what the sex is of the baby and had decided that she wanted to throw a party for her family and friends to find out what the baby is all together. A Gender Reveal Party! This was such a fun order to do. What I suggested was that we go with my Fauxstess cake but instead of the normal white cream filling, I could tint the filling inside the color of the baby’s sex. She loved that idea and we made plans to meet up after her 20 week appt when she would find out what the sex is.

The lab technician wrote it down on a piece of paper and the sealed it up in an envelope. Then I went and got the envelope from her so I could find out what kind of baby they were going to have. So exciting!!

For the decorations, I should them some ideas and the mom and dad came back picking this one with a few changes.

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I am alive!

I’m sorry about the lack of posts. I’ll just say that I’ve been busy with my job, my fun job, life, etc. whew. i had a post about the Cupcake Challenge but I’m over it. I didn’t win. I am glad I did it but I won’t be doing it again. It was fun and I’ll post some pics later. Thanks to everyone who gave me their support -my husband, my sister, her boyfriend and especially Shari. I seriously can’t thank Shari enough. She was my biggest cheerleader and she totally came through. And you HAVE to click on over to her blog and read about her experience at the event. Let me just say – I’m so jealous!! Now every time I see HIM I just remember how she got to be INCHES away from HIM! AH!

Been working on so many projects and orders lately. It’s amazing to think that a year ago I was just thinking about moving my hobby into a business and here I am now, busy EVERY weekend with orders. It’s still fun! I don’t regret moving forward. Things are starting to get to a sticky point though where big decisions are going to need to be made. I’ll leave it at that.

So what HAVE I been doing instead of blogging??

50th Birthday Surprise Party cupcake tower

50th Birthday Surprise Party cupcake tower

50th Birthday Surprise Party tower. Don’t you LOVE that glittery 50? I had to hand cut those numbers because I didn’t have cookie cutters big enough.

Giraffe cake

Giraffe cake for a 10 yr olds birthday slumber party. She loves giraffes. Too cute to eat right?

Bat Mitzvah cupcakes

Bat Mitzvah cupcakes

This was really fun! A pink and orange cupcake tower for a Bat Mitzvah. Loved these colors! I think my favorites were the ones dipped in half bright pink and half bright orange sparkling sugar.

Baby Shower cupcake tower

Baby Shower cupcake tower

Baby shower tower. The mama to be found a tower she liked and asked for the same thing. I did make a couple modifications to the top tier cake. Loved this too. I love doing baby shower towers.

So those are some of my favs from the past couple weeks. I also did a dessert buffet for a website launch but I’ll show that off in another post.

Weddings wedding weddings!

Bowers Museum Wedding, originally uploaded by kristin_a.

Last weekend was a BIG one. Big as in 2 weddings. Big as in 38 dozen mini cupcakes plus 4 dozen regular cupcakes PLUS two cutting cakes. It was exhausting. And I was under the weather. Oy.

But everything went great! I was on time even though one event was in Irvine and the other was 30 mins later in Santa Ana. The traffic gods were on my side.

I am taking 2 days off this weekend to make a special trip to Las Vegas to visit Kari and her crew at Retro Bakery AND meet IN PERSON Carrie Fields from Fields of Cake. Folks – Carrie is not a only a baker, she is an ARTIST. Check out her work. It’s humbling. I felt a wave of stress peel off me as I squealed on the phone with her this afternoon on my way home from work.

We are planning on a baykah’s (as Kari would say it) night out tomorrow at Serendipity 3 by Caesars Palace. CANNOT WAIT. The drive tomorrow is going to be longest!

I cannot stress enough how important blogging and twittering have been for me in this baking adventure. I’ve found that having confidants in the same biz locally is not possible. Too much cattiness and too much competitiveness to really help each other. So through twitter and blogging, I’ve been able to connect with women who hold the same interests as me from all over the US and even Canada (Hi Clever Cupcakes and Sugar Baking!). One day I hope that we can all meet. Maybe hold our own form of a BlogHer. Maybe we’ll call it BakHer.

Alice in Wonderland theme cupcakes

So turning a giant cupcakes into a Cheshire cat was harder than I thought it would be. In hindsight, I think I should have used a different tip, like a star, to hide any hiccups. But I was trying to go for the striped look. Or next time, after I pipe, I’ll smooth it out with an angled spatula. I don’t know.

Anyhow, it’s done and here you go:

Alice in Wonderland themed cupcakes

And the client wanted some mini cupcakes with red roses on them as well as some white roses with red on them, ala “painting the roses red” get it?? ah ha!

Alice in Wonderland themed cupcakes - Painting the Roses red

For these, I ordered gum paste red and white roses from Wholesale Sugar Flowers and some Wilton red decorating spray and went to town. It was really fun spraying those roses! Now I’m itching to get an airbrush set. HAHA.

The Cheshire Cat was my Queen of Hearts flavor, the rose cupcakes were vanilla with vanilla buttercream and the tea cakes (not pictured) were Campfire.

An Organic Wedding

I had the pleasure of crafting cupcakes for a wedding taking place at the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla a few weekends ago. The bride and groom requested that all the cupcakes be made with natural and organic ingredients, no fondant. It was a challenge but thankfully we have places like Whole Foods, Trader Joes and the internet to help me find organic versions of the products I use. By the way, there are organic versions of almost everything now! Powdered sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, sugar, flour, eggs, milk, butter, and more!

The bride and groom ordered A Kid Again, Tea Time, All American and a custom flavor of chocolate stout cupcake topped with cream cheese buttercream. The groom loves Guinness and was happy when I told him that I could make a chocolate cake with his favorite stout.

Natural & Organic Wedding Cupcakes

I apologize for the picture quality. A photographer I am not and the semi-dark lighting inside the aquarium made picture taking a challenge.

Their centerpieces:
Wedding centerpieces with peacock feathers

Their cake topper:

Natural & Organic Wedding Cupcakes

The bride snuck out to take a look while I was setting up the table and she was very happy and couldn’t wait to bite into a cupcake.

Congratulations to Kate and Steve!