You’re Invited to #UnwrapWonder this season at C. Wonder!

My friend Sharon, from Cupcakes & Cutlery, is hosting a fun event at C. Wonder Fashion Island on December 12 and I’d love for you to be there!  Come enjoy sweet treats and get holiday shopping done.  C. Wonder is extending a 30% discount off your purchases and will donate 10% of all the proceeds from the party to Operation Shower. Woo hoo! And there will be giveaways! Sharon will also be sharing her gift picks to give gift inspiration and there will be C. Wonder stylists available to help you find gifts for even the hardest to shop.

Fun & Easy Treats for Valentine’s Day

While everyone else was watching the Super Bowl, I was hanging out with Cupcakes & Cutlery making delicious stuff.

One of the things we made was candy popcorn using Jell-O. Head over to her blog to check out this fun DIY.


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DIY: Valentines Day Smash Cake


Valentines Day is almost here and you still have no idea what to do. Right? How about a Valentines Day smash cake? You’ve probably heard of smash cakes before. Usually for 1st birthday parties where it’s ok to get cake all over your face and up your nose. But this cake is a version made for bigger kids, and adults alike. And I am going to show you how it’s done!

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The Best Dad Deserves the Best Cupcakes

Maple Bacon

Father’s Day is June 17! Come out and visit the Orange Home Grown Farmers Market Saturday June 16 and grab some treats for the man in your life. We will have two special flavors that give a manly edge to our sweet cupcakes –

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Renegade LA Holiday Show – See us there!


Next Saturday and Sunday, we will be taking our show on the road and selling our treats at the famous Renegade Craft Fair at Los Angeles Historic Park. This is our first year participating in Renegade and we are so excited!

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DIY: Thanksgiving Turkey cupcakes

gobble gobble

The last couple of years, I’ve done some tutorials for various other blogs on Thanksgiving treats. Today I am going to share one of those with you here on my blog.

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Halloween! & One Year at the Market

Halloween mosaic

We’ll be selling our fun Halloween cupcakes and pushcakes at the farmers market this year. It also marks the 1 yr anniversary of us being at the Great Park Farmers Market. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! My oh my how things have changed since our first market. Lots of ups and downs through out the year. But we’ve stuck through it. I’ll be honest and say that it isn’t what I thought it would be, that’s for sure. I thought that we’d be selling more than we’ve been. But we’ve profited in other ways and if you are a small business baker too, you have to consider those things as well. Success isn’t just how much money you make.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year I did this awesome tutorial on making Turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving. I was a guest post-er on CakeSpy’s website.

Thanksgiving. The holiday of food, er giving thanks for life’s bounty. A few days to indulge in excess of food, family, travel and shopping–that is to say, a great holiday. No worrying about giving and getting presents: just a day to enjoy stuffing ourselves, making more room and saying thanks for that delicious turkey.
Back when I first started exploring baking creatively, I came across this idea for making Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes. At first I was a little skeptical because it looked like a lot of work and up to the point my decorating skills consisted of a butter knife and a slab of frosting from a can. But I couldn’t resist, and I found that these were really easy to make and so irresistibly cute. This is also a great thing to give kids something to do later in the day. They can assemble their turkeys and throw a turkey parade to rejoice for those birds that survived another year. Or the kids can make them ahead of time and you can use them as your table centerpiece. Just arrange on a platter and stick some flowers in between the cupcakes. Read more and see tutorial on


Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! And come see us at the Patchwork Festival in Santa Ana on Sunday!

DIY: 4th of July Dessert Kabobs

cupcake kabobs 4th of july

So the middle of the year is almost here. Can ya believe it?? Wasn’t I just stressing out about Christmas?

Last year, the lovely Suz Broughton asked me to put together a tutorial for her blog on OC Mom Blogs in the OC Register. Check it out here.  Since it’s a new year, I wanted to do another tutorial along the same lines as last year’s with some changes. I wanted to make them a little easier, a little less sweet. I would say healthier but we know that isn’t true. So I’ll go with less sweet.

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Groovy Graduation cupcake tower

This is the cupcake tower that I worked on last night into the morning and delivered and set up this morning. It’s 100 Groovy cupcakes decorated with custom toppers – peace signs, 2010 and flower power tie dye paper flowers with happy face stickers. I marbled the fondant as well to give it a tie dye look.

As soon as I stepped away to take a pic, this happened:

Groovy Graduation cupcake tower

Then the odd sounding digital bell rang and they went to class.

Ahh memories of elementary graduation. I had two – my first elementary school graduated at 5th grade. Then we moved and the new school I went to graduated at 6th grade.