Join us Saturday, and see what the buzz is about!

Sneak peek #1

Something exciting is brewing! A few months ago my husband and I were talking and realized we needed to make a move forward with our business. We talked through a few ideas, what we could do with our (small) budget and what could be done fairly quick. We also had to pick something that would still fit in with how things work now, allowing me to continue working full-time to pay the bills but to have something that can help Meringue Bake Shop grow. So after much research and google searching we found what we were looking for. And we are going to show you what that is this Saturday June 30 at the Orange Farmers Market.

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When Tomorrow Starts Without Me


We missed out on Halloween festivities this year because of something very sad that happened to us. My baby, dog baby, Klondike had to be put to sleep. I came home on Friday last week and found him laying on the floor of our kitchen and wouldn’t move. I was so upset and hysterical. Sobbing. He’s been going down hill for the past 9 months but just that morning he was happy and perky like every other morning he’s greeted me coming down the stairs. Waiting for his good morning cookie. We rushed him to the vet and the vet told us it didn’t look good but we brought him home anyway hoping that time still would heal him up. But all night long he just wimpered and yelped in pain and frustration. He stopped eating, drinking. He could only move his beautiful honey brown eyes. And we decided it was time.

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