4th of july

DIY: 4th of July Dessert Kabobs

cupcake kabobs 4th of july

So the middle of the year is almost here. Can ya believe it?? Wasn’t I just stressing out about Christmas?

Last year, the lovely Suz Broughton asked me to put together a tutorial for her blog on OC Mom Blogs in the OC Register. Check it out here.  Since it’s a new year, I wanted to do another tutorial along the same lines as last year’s with some changes. I wanted to make them a little easier, a little less sweet. I would say healthier but we know that isn’t true. So I’ll go with less sweet.

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Hope you had a GREAT 4th!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We spent the afternoon visiting friends up in LA. The guys BBQed while my friend Elizabeth and I chatted and I colored with Emory, their 2 1/2 yr old daughter. We thought we were going to miss out on the fireworks because we started to head home right around 9p but instead we saw the most amazing displays as we drove down the 5. We saw so many fireworks going off all around from parks and people’s backyards. Some were going off right above the freeway and right in front of us. We even joked that maybe we should do this every year.

I wanted to congratulate Julie and Alyssa with winning the giveaways hosted by AngryJulieMonday and The Mom Blog on the OC Register! I hope you both enjoyed your cupcakes and that your guests enjoyed them as well!

Here are a few pics of the cupcakes that I made for the 4th:

4th of July cupcakes

4th of July cupcakes

4th of July cupcakes

One half of the year is already over. Can you believe it?!?

Cupcake Kabob Tutorial

cupcake kabob

So the lovely Suz Broughton asked if I’d do a guest post on her blog on the OC Register. I was planning to do one for Fathers Day but time ran away from me so instead I did one for the 4th of July. In my post, which you can read here, I give a tutorial on how to make cupcake kabobs. These ones are specifically for the 4th of July but really you could customize them for any event.

Cupcake Kabob Tutorial

Better yet, you can even leave a comment and be entered to win a dozen cupcakes from me! Woo hoo! You have to be in Orange County though, or be willing to get to Orange County to pick them up.

So what are you doing still reading this?? Head over to the OC Register and check out my post! Scoot, scoot!


Cupcake Kabob Tutorial


Independence Day is almost here!

Get your orders in now for special 4th of July cupcakes from Meringue Bake Shop. Each dozen box contains a mix of regular size red velvet and vanilla cupcakes topped with colored buttercream and patriotic decorations all for $30.

4th of July cupcake mosaic

Pick up available on Friday July 3 in the afternoon or Saturday July 4 after 12p in Orange. Give me a call 714.927.7686 or send me an email kristin@meringuebakeshop.com to place your order.

Wanna try my cupcakes… FOR FREE??

The lovely Julie from Angry Julie Monday is celebrating her 2 year blog anniversary by giving away cool things to her readers. Isn’t she so nice??

One of her giveaways is from Meringue Bake Shop! You can win 1 dozen regular size cupcakes or 2 dozen mini cupcakes (1 flavor) by visiting her site and following her instructions for entering. This is for OC people only or anyone who can get to Orange, CA to pick them up.

Go over to her site and check it out already!


Have a good weekend! Doing some flavor testing this weekend… will report back on Monday about that.

Yankee Doodle doooo

Red, white and blue mini red velvet cupcakes for a Junior League event

Red, white & blue mini cupcakes

I really love how the sprinkled sugar came out. I should have done them all like that but I also like to mix it up a bit. These were ordered by AngryJulie for a Junior League committee recruiting event taking place today. I hope these encourage a lot of members!