Fun fun birthday times! A recap of the day’s events.


Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate our birthday with us on April 7 at the Orange Home Grown Farmers Market. We had such great time and hope you did too! And a special thanks to Couture Paintings for coming out and painting lots of faces (and arms and legs) that day too. Including me!

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It’s our Birthday! And we want to celebrate with you!

That’s right! This week is our birthday week and we want to have a great big ol’ fun party with you, in our booth at the Orange Home Grown Farmers Market this Saturday April 7.

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Barnyard cupcake tower for a 2nd birthday

Barnyard cupcake tower

We were hired to put together a barnyard or farm theme cupcake tower for a cute little boy turning 2. I hope we didn’t disappoint! These were so fun to make! I loved making the animal pieces and then the animal sounds. I thought that would be perfect for a 2 yr old! We topped the tower with a custom cake with a barn and some clouds and grass. I love when it all comes together so well!

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The Invitation Matched the Cake

Bear smash cake

We had one heck of a busy weekend! We were very lucky to be asked to do a cupcake tower for Hearts & Laserbeams (the person responsible for the awesome graphics on my site!) son’s first birthday. Steph designed his first birthday invitations herself and I wanted to match his smash cake with the one on the invite.

Here is the smash cake vs little bear on the invite:

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A Pirate and his Booty


This past weekend we took a break from the Farmers Market so I could have some fun celebrating one of my favorite kids 5th birthday. And I had the privilege of making this little dude a pirate cake to go along with the pirate theme of his big day. I can’t believe I’ve known this kid for 5 yrs now…

This adorable baby….

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“Paint” Splatter Cake

paint splatter cake

I got this idea from the fab-o Kari from Retro Bakery. I think it came out pretty cute! It was really fun to make but VERY messy. But I’d do it again for sure.
"paint" splatter cake

Hot Pink Kitty


One of the orders we had this week was for a Hello Kitty birthday party at Pretend City. Hot pink frosting was the request along with matching hot pink glittery bows. All hand cut decorations. Can someone tell me where I can buy a small hello kitty cutter??

Toy Story, Baby shower minis, Sailboats & Abby Cadabby cupcakes

Last weekend was a busy one with lots of orders happening. I was fortunte enough to know the awesome photographers doing the pictures for one of the events. So that means you get to look at some pretty great looking pics!

Let’s start off with the It’s a Boy baby shower mini cupcakes. The client requested just simple decorations so I did a blue gingham liner and instead of topping my Tea Time with pale yellow sugar I dipped them in opal sugar and topped with a blackberry instead of a pink raspberry. That’s one of the things I like to emphasize with clients is that if you to change some things to go along with your theme, just let me know! I love doing something a little different. And there is no extra change for this. Bonus!

The shower host was gracious enough to send me some nice pics of the cupcakes all set up.

Baby shower cupcake tower

The mom-to-be also loves Nutella so we were asked to create something with nutella, which isn’t on our standard menu. No problem! And no extra charge either. Who knows, when I get suggestions from clients, it may become a new standard on the menu! The Nutella were topped with a light dusting of pale blue disco dust to continue with the theme.

Another event that weekend was for a little girls 3rd birthday. And she loves Abby Cadabby. So we did some custom hand-piped buttercream Abby Cadabby cupcakes and Elmo cupcakes along with a matching giant cupcake on top of the tower.

Abby Cadabby cupcake tower with Elmo 

And then the big daddy – Toy Story birthday party for triplets turning 2!

Toy Story mosaic
Toy Story photos taken by Sipper Photography

The client purchased cupcakes and macarons for her dessert table, decorated and the colors of Toy Story.


Sunday is the BIG day! We’ll be at The Great Park Farmers Market from 10a-2p. We’ll be selling Halloween decorated cupcakes and have some freebies for the little ones. Trick or treat! Hope to see you there!

Cakes, cupcakes and new blog look

I’ve updated the look of my blog, as you can see if you are visiting my blog and not via a reader. The old template had been bugging me for a long time and then I noticed Blogger had new templates available. FINALLY.

So anyway, here are a few things I’ve been working on lately –

Beach themed cupcake tower

This cupcake tower was for a home wedding with a seaside theme. Everything was handmade including the chocolate seashells. The cake and cupcakes were Pina Colada and Pink Lady.

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation is around the corner and some orders have been coming in. These were for a graduation themed cupcake tower.

40th birthday Beer themed cupcakes

40th birthday Beer themed cupcakes

40th Birthday Beer themed cupcakes – these were all eggless and included a chocolate stout cupcake with bourbon buttercream and a vanilla cupcake with lemon buttercream. I worked with the client to come up with some flavors that would compliment beer.

Princess themed cupcakes

Princess themed cupcakes

Princess themed cupcakes – these were for a little girls 3rd birthday at Pump It Up in Irvine. Flavors with the crowns is Happy Birthday and wands is Little Girls.

And I’ve been getting more cake orders lately. Including these two:

This one was a challenge because I’d never done something like it before. I think it came out well.

30th birthday cake - Shooting stars

And this weekend I did a Buzz Lightyear themed cupcake tower including a matching cake

Buzz Lightyear cake

I’ve had some more orders but unfortunately forgot to take pictures.

This week I am working on a big graduation order for tomorrow morning, a graduation party and a Camp Pendleton Mud Run party for Saturday and a World Cup Soccer themed birthday cupcake tower for Sunday. Busy busy!

On a personal note, a lot has been going on including my husband losing his job a couple weeks ago. Ironic, eh? So I’ve been booking more orders than usual just to try and make up some difference in the loss of income. It is what it is you know? At least I can do something I love to do and not have to take a second job in retail or something like that. And thank god I am employed and busy at work. But I am starting to get a little wacky from lack of sleep. haha

Anyone watch Cupcake Wars last night? Obviously I did not make the cut and I’m fine with that. I was told that there was going to be a $10k prize but I don’t remember any mention of it last night. Maybe I missed it?


Up to lately -Babies, Wii & Pie

So things slowed down a bit in April, which was fine. I honestly needed a little break. But they are picking up again and with great speed. So I am trying to prepare myself. May, June and July are going to be busy months!

Baby showers

Baby shower cupcakes

The client requested cupcakes with the baby’s name on them. I did impressions with stamps that have a typewriter font on them.

Elizabeth's Baby Shower

My dear friend Elizabeth is readying herself to have baby #2 so we celebrated with a small shower with a garden theme. I made Pink Lemonade cupcakes.

Elizabeth's Baby Shower

I had a last minute request for Mii and Wii cupcakes for a boy’s birthday. The parent’s emailed me the Mii’s they had made on their Wii and I printed them on edible paper.

Mii cupcakes

Wii cupcakes

That order also included Root Beer Float cupcakes.

Rootbeer cupcakes

And I’ve been doing some experimenting with offering Cup Pies. Still working out the kinks but so far they have turned out really well and been greeted with much joy.

Cup pies

I’ve been thinking about opening up a shop on Etsy to sell cup pies, cupcake trifles, and to thin out my growing collection of cupcake liners, sprinkles, and etc that I’ve picked up over the years and haven’t yet used. What do you think? Any experience with selling food on Etsy?