I am alive!

I’m sorry about the lack of posts. I’ll just say that I’ve been busy with my job, my fun job, life, etc. whew. i had a post about the Cupcake Challenge but I’m over it. I didn’t win. I am glad I did it but I won’t be doing it again. It was fun and I’ll post some pics later. Thanks to everyone who gave me their support -my husband, my sister, her boyfriend and especially Shari. I seriously can’t thank Shari enough. She was my biggest cheerleader and she totally came through. And you HAVE to click on over to her blog and read about her experience at the event. Let me just say – I’m so jealous!! Now every time I see HIM I just remember how she got to be INCHES away from HIM! AH!

Been working on so many projects and orders lately. It’s amazing to think that a year ago I was just thinking about moving my hobby into a business and here I am now, busy EVERY weekend with orders. It’s still fun! I don’t regret moving forward. Things are starting to get to a sticky point though where big decisions are going to need to be made. I’ll leave it at that.

So what HAVE I been doing instead of blogging??

50th Birthday Surprise Party cupcake tower

50th Birthday Surprise Party cupcake tower

50th Birthday Surprise Party tower. Don’t you LOVE that glittery 50? I had to hand cut those numbers because I didn’t have cookie cutters big enough.

Giraffe cake

Giraffe cake for a 10 yr olds birthday slumber party. She loves giraffes. Too cute to eat right?

Bat Mitzvah cupcakes

Bat Mitzvah cupcakes

This was really fun! A pink and orange cupcake tower for a Bat Mitzvah. Loved these colors! I think my favorites were the ones dipped in half bright pink and half bright orange sparkling sugar.

Baby Shower cupcake tower

Baby Shower cupcake tower

Baby shower tower. The mama to be found a tower she liked and asked for the same thing. I did make a couple modifications to the top tier cake. Loved this too. I love doing baby shower towers.

So those are some of my favs from the past couple weeks. I also did a dessert buffet for a website launch but I’ll show that off in another post.

Happy New Year!

Can I still say that? Even though it’s now well into the new year?

Sorry for the absence. With time off of work, orders and etc, including being super busy at work (my day job), I just haven’t had the chance. I really shouldn’t be right now either. I’ve got a newsletter to finish.

So this will be short and sweet – I wanted to share with you pictures from a few orders I’ve done recently. I had a wedding on New Years Eve, a little girls 3rd birthday party order, a 50th birthday party order and a special little kids 3rd birthday….

Let’s start with that one first. My dear friend Elizabeth’s cutie pie little girl turned 3 in December. THREE! I just can’t believe it. She is such a little person. I love it! And love her.

She wanted vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting and lots of sprinkles so I made vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting, sprinkles and glitter. I made one dozen for the kids using agave nectar and they were none the wiser. Even some of the adults liked them. Using agave nectar gave the cupcakes a more earthy smell. Does that make sense? It smelled kinda like honey. Smelled delicious!

Emory's 3rd Birthday

Next up was another little girls 3rd birthday. This one was different. She is allergic to all dairy so I made vegan cupcakes. It was the first time she ever tasted frosting!

3rd Birthday Cupcakes

Love the little sneaky finger in there. This picture was taken by her Aunt, the one who also ordered the cupcakes from Meringue Bake Shop. Go Aunt!

Here is a shot of the completed cupcake tower for the New Years Eve wedding.

New Years Eve Black & White Wedding cupcakes

The theme was Black and White. It looked very elegant inside. Very cool idea for a wedding date, dontcha think?

And finally, a small order for a mom’s 50th birthday. She used to eat my red velvet cupcakes when I sold them at Bliss and so her daughter ordered a dozen from me for her mom’s birthday.

50th birthday cupcake order

I rimmed the edges in red sparkling sugar. Fancy!

That’s it for now. I have some changes coming to my pricing that I will talk about in another post. And another announcement that you may already know, if you are following me on twitter….

Can you tell me how to get…

If anyone reading this is from my generation, you should automatically know the next line to that tune. I grew up watching Sesame Street as a kid and even to this day, I have a great fondness for that show. I can’t wait to have kids of my own to share Sesame Street with. And I love that they now have the retro episodes on DVD! Sesame Street: Vol. 2 – Old School (1974-1979)

And I will even admit that I have this book on my wish list for Christmas this year.

So why am I talking about Sesame Street? Well I had an order this weekend for Sesame Street cupcakes for a 1st birthday. The client wanted minimal fondant so I had to figure out how to make the cupcakes look like Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster using just buttercream. I did some searching on Flickr to get some ideas and then I grabbed my favorite from a few and went from there.

I think they turned out pretty cute. What do you think?

Sesame Street cupcakes

Let’s take a closer look:

Cookie Monster & Elmo
Sesame Street cupcakes

and my favorite character, Big Bird
Sesame Street cupcakes

(by the way, my second favorite character is Grover, especially Super Grover!)

The only part that is fondant is the black pieces because I hate using really dark buttercream.

These were actually a lot of fun to make even though they were a lot more work.

Cupcake Activist’s Birthday!

Elise, aka The Cupcake Activist, celebrated her 28th birthday a couple weeks ago and she blogged about it! Why, do you ask, am I telling you this? Well, because she blogged about my cupcakes at her party!

Check it out:

Thanks Elise for the good reviews! Glad you liked them and glad they could help celebrate your birthday.

Today is your birthday, dahnah dahnah, dahnah

Lots of birthday orders last weekend –

Giant cupcake 1st Birthday for a Girl

This was for a little girls 1st birthday. The parents requested this as her smash cake. I hope she had fun!

Custom 2 doz mini Queen of Hearts

Birthday mini cupcakes for a girls 8th from her aunt

Custom Happy Birthday mini cupcakes

More mini cupcakes. There were from a daughter to her mom. There were 4 doz mini’s total but I forgot to take a picture of the other dozen. You can’t see from the picture but I made embossed fondant discs accented with sugar pearls and disco dust. The lettering was also brushed with disco dust.

Lots of orders for mini cupcakes lately. And this weekend, I have two weddings on Saturday where one is for 450 mini cupcakes. Yowza.

I also had a tasting on Sunday for a little girl’s upcoming 4th birthday.

Tasting box

The little girl was a DOLL. Her favorite was the groovy with pink buttercream. And her mom liked the fauxstess. The birthday party theme is going to be Jasmine from Aladdin. I am going to make a giant cupcake that will look like a tower on an arabian castle and accompanying mini cupcakes with Jasmine crowns.

Giant Gluten-free Cupcake

Giant Gluten-free Cars cupcake, originally uploaded by kristin_a.

I was asked to make a giant cupcake gluten-free for a little boy’s 2nd birthday. He had never had cake before! The theme for the birthday was Disney’s Cars. Since I am not a artist, I had to make something showcasing the other elements of the movie rather than make something look like Lightning McQueen.

The cupcake wrapper is made with candy melts in orange, red and yellow to match the fire on McQueen’s car. And the lightning bolts are made with fondant tinted yellow to also match McQueen’s car. And I found these cute cupcake rings of Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen that I put around the edge. And the frosting is a simple vanilla buttercream. What you can’t see is the inside of the cake! It’s filled with a mix of buttercream and mini chocolate chips. YUM!

Everything was gluten-free and the reviews were great! Even gluten eaters liked the cake. Success! And a little boy finally got to eat cake.

Also highlighted on CTTC blog:

Everybodys workin for the weekend…

…. except me! Seems like I am working for a working weekend lately.

Busy bee weekend. Had a custom order for baby shower cupcakes, a delivery for a birthday party at The Little Gym in San Clemente and my dad’s 55th birthday down in San Diego (we ate at Gulf Coast Grille – HIGHLY recommend it). THAT was just Saturday! Then on Sunday, the most ever awesome KARI from Retro Bakery and her fam came to OC for a visit and to try my cupcakes at Bliss. And they brought me cupcakes!! It was sooo great to see her, Brian and adorable Lucy and Abbi. It’s like everytime I see them I feel like I’ve known them forever. We are all just comfortable. My husband entertained Lucy by making silly faces at her and Abbi told me about their adventure checking into their hotel. It was a great visit but too short. But I will be visiting Retro in October when Fields of Cake will be there too!

Me and Kari
Me & Kari

Retro Cupcakes! (Peanut Butter Cup, Cookies and Cream, Coffee and Donuts, Pink Lemonade, Iced Tea and missing – Hopscotch)


Baby shower mini cupcakes
Cupcakes for a baby shower
(red velvet with cream cheese buttercream & fondant flowers and butterflies)

Cupcakes for my dad
Cupcakes for Dad's 55th Birthday
(those are beer candles and fondant helicopters on top of Coconutty cupcakes)

Meeting with a bride & groom tomorrow for a tasting and to talk about their upcoming wedding. I am also thinking about participating in a Bridal event on July 25 in Yorba Linda. I’ve never done something like this so I’m not sure what to expect.

Also FYI – I will be unavailable for cupcakes between July 26 and August 3 as I will be out of town (in San Diego) for work, my 9-5 job. Sucks doesn’t it?

That’s all for now!

Like major bummer

Sooo I was so rushed to get the big mini cupcake order out door on Saturday that I completely forgot to take pictures. I am really hoping that the birthday girl sends me some. I even forgot to take a picture of the cake I made. It was red velvet and white checkerboard cake covered in cream cheese buttercream and cake glitter. Just close your eyes and imagine it. It’s pretty right?

I did remember to take pics of another order I had for a birthday box of cupcakes. A woman contacted me from the Bay Area. She found my site by searching on Google (thank you GoogleAd Words – u rock!). She wanted a dozen cupcakes delivered to her son for his 22nd birthday at UCI as a surprise. So I made 1 dozen Java Jolt cupcakes with custom fondant toppers including a snowboard and boots.

See the boots?
Happy Birthday Box
They started tipping over. Oops!

Here’s a full view of the box:
Happy Birthday Box

I added a bow instead of ribbon (thought the bow would be more manly) and a card. My delivery man, er husband, delivered it while I was busy finishing up other orders. It was a long Friday night and an early Saturday morning but got it all done.

Next up for the weekend is my dad’s 55th birthday and a baby shower/tea party order. I’m also working on another recipe for the summer…. top secret! Unless, of course, you follow me on twitter then I’m sure you’ve figured it out due to the fingernail pulling from Kari (@retrobakery). Just kiddin KARI!!! If you get a chance though, head over to Kari’s site and check out her interview on the Martha Stewart Sirius channel. It was GREAT!!

I also want to give a shout out to Michelle from TeenyCake in the Bay Area. She has been a great shoulder lately. She has been wonderful for listening to me talk things out about the future of MBS. If you are in Marin County, please try her teeny tiny cakes at the Marin Farmers Market on Thursday mornings and evenings!

Like, for sure!

Things are getting pretty busy, which is good! and bad too. Catching up on sleep has become a new priority. Plus I have been battling a cold for almost 2 weeks now. Yuck!

Anyway, wanted to post pics of a cake I just did for a birthday. A customer of Bliss loves my red velvet cupcakes so her husband came in and ordered her a red velvet cake for her birthday. I’ve been getting more and more requests for red velvet cakes. I think it’s because most grocery stores don’t do red velvet.

Queen of Hearts cake for birthday

Making cakes look professional is A LOT of work! Getting the icing smooth, piping decorations. Piping words!! OMG that is probably the most stressful part. I decorated with cake with fondant pink daisies and fondant purple butterflies. And I piped pink dots along the bottom border. It is a quarter sheet cake. I definitely prefer cupcakes.

For this weekend, I have a big order of mini cupcakes for a 80’s themed birthday party on Saturday in Santa Monica. I am going to decorate some of the cupcakes with custom work. The other cupcakes will be regularly decorated and decorated with some cool toppers I bought. Cabbage Patch Kids, My Little Pony, boom boxes, records, Pepsi cans, Care Bears, record players and more. I want to make the frostings and decorations very bright. I also found neon sign picks and I am going to write 80s words on them like – Totally, Rad, Gag Me With a Spoon… that’s all I can think of now. Do you have any suggestions for others?

Like, I’m totally spazzing!

Custom birthday cupcake box for Ron

Custom birthday cupcake box
Originally uploaded by kristin_a

Created this birthday box and delivered it to the customers husband. She wanted a cupcake that would be good in the morning so this is what I came up with.

Java Jolt – mocha chocolate chip cupcake filled with caramel and topped with mocha buttercream

Oops on my part – I forgot to include a card saying how it was from! I did include my business card though so the receiver called and I told him who sent them. I guess without a card, the gift is kinda stalkerish. LOL.

BIG NEWS coming soon….