Pics as promised and the cupcake decision was made!

This weekend was a blast! Between the purse party, visiting my grandpa and celebrating his birthday and the St. Patrick’s Day party (all happening on the same day), I need a weekend of rest. But, alas, that won’t come for some time now. With my first wedding coming up soon followed by the LA Cupcake Challenge (which I seriously want to go to) and then my birthday and Easter coming behind closely, I won’t have much time for relaxing.

On a side note – I just don’t know how parents do it with kids who play sports! Seriously, I am going to strongly encourage my kids to take up any activity that does not require waking up at ungodly hours on weekends.

Ok back to cupcakes, so my mini cupcakes were gobbled up at the Purse Party. I did not take any pics though. Boooo. After that, we visited my grandpa to celebrate his 83rd birthday and deliver him cupcakes. I ended up just going with vanilla cupcakes and topped them with leftover frostings from the minis. So he ended up with an assortment of flavors.

Navy Pinup Girl cupcake toppers

By the way, these cupcakes were recently featured on Cupcakes Take the Cake blog! Woo hoo! Thanks Stacie Joy!

The St Patricks Day party was really fun. Live band, good nibbles and a huge bar. Great company too (Hi Missy!!) PERFECT! The St Pats cupcakes were a big hit too. Next time though, I’ll make a sign to explain the flavors.

St. Patrick's Day cupcakes

Sorry about the picture quality. I am making more of these tonight so I’ll get some better pics of them.

So what flavor did I go with….?

#2! baileys cream filling for the chocolate stout cupcakes, drizzle with a whiskey sugar syrup and top with the baileys buttercream (because I didn’t have ENOUGH going on – haha)

And they were delicious! The custard never really set but it ended up working out fine. And instead of doing a drizzle of the syrup, I dipped the cones (cut out from the middle so I could fill) in the syrup. By the way – Jameson Irish Whiskey is DELICIOUS! I’d never had it before. I’ll need to experiment to find my favorite drink using it. Since these were so decadent, I just decorated them with some green colored sanding sugar. The green velvets were topped with Baileys cream cheese frosting and green fondant shamrocks.

I really loved the green velvet. I might try making a whole rainbow of velvets – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. How fun would that be?? Maybe I’ll make those for my birthday!

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Happy Cupcaking!

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