Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year I did this awesome tutorial on making Turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving. I was a guest post-er on CakeSpy’s website.

Thanksgiving. The holiday of food, er giving thanks for life’s bounty. A few days to indulge in excess of food, family, travel and shopping–that is to say, a great holiday. No worrying about giving and getting presents: just a day to enjoy stuffing ourselves, making more room and saying thanks for that delicious turkey.
Back when I first started exploring baking creatively, I came across this idea for making Thanksgiving turkey cupcakes. At first I was a little skeptical because it looked like a lot of work and up to the point my decorating skills consisted of a butter knife and a slab of frosting from a can. But I couldn’t resist, and I found that these were really easy to make and so irresistibly cute. This is also a great thing to give kids something to do later in the day. They can assemble their turkeys and throw a turkey parade to rejoice for those birds that survived another year. Or the kids can make them ahead of time and you can use them as your table centerpiece. Just arrange on a platter and stick some flowers in between the cupcakes. Read more and see tutorial on


Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! And come see us at the Patchwork Festival in Santa Ana on Sunday!

Toy Story, Baby shower minis, Sailboats & Abby Cadabby cupcakes

Last weekend was a busy one with lots of orders happening. I was fortunte enough to know the awesome photographers doing the pictures for one of the events. So that means you get to look at some pretty great looking pics!

Let’s start off with the It’s a Boy baby shower mini cupcakes. The client requested just simple decorations so I did a blue gingham liner and instead of topping my Tea Time with pale yellow sugar I dipped them in opal sugar and topped with a blackberry instead of a pink raspberry. That’s one of the things I like to emphasize with clients is that if you to change some things to go along with your theme, just let me know! I love doing something a little different. And there is no extra change for this. Bonus!

The shower host was gracious enough to send me some nice pics of the cupcakes all set up.

Baby shower cupcake tower

The mom-to-be also loves Nutella so we were asked to create something with nutella, which isn’t on our standard menu. No problem! And no extra charge either. Who knows, when I get suggestions from clients, it may become a new standard on the menu! The Nutella were topped with a light dusting of pale blue disco dust to continue with the theme.

Another event that weekend was for a little girls 3rd birthday. And she loves Abby Cadabby. So we did some custom hand-piped buttercream Abby Cadabby cupcakes and Elmo cupcakes along with a matching giant cupcake on top of the tower.

Abby Cadabby cupcake tower with Elmo 

And then the big daddy – Toy Story birthday party for triplets turning 2!

Toy Story mosaic
Toy Story photos taken by Sipper Photography

The client purchased cupcakes and macarons for her dessert table, decorated and the colors of Toy Story.


Sunday is the BIG day! We’ll be at The Great Park Farmers Market from 10a-2p. We’ll be selling Halloween decorated cupcakes and have some freebies for the little ones. Trick or treat! Hope to see you there!

Farmers Market Coming to The Great Park in Irvine

Some exciting news to share! The Great Park in Irvine is going to host a certified farmers market starting on Sunday Oct 31. 

According to their website:

The Farmers Market will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Sunday, rain or shine, beginning October 31st. It will offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, breads barely out of the oven, plants, and items made by local artisans. Breakfast and lunch will be available for purchase.

And guess what? Meringue Bake Shop will be there as a vendor! So now you can buy our treats individually instead of having to place an event order. Isn’t that exciting?!?!

And since our first market is going to be on Halloween, all our cupcakes will be decked out for the holiday! We’ll be selling individual cupcakes as well as packs of cupcakes along with some other delicious treats.

I am so excited. And nervous. And excited! It was a bit of a challenge to do, which I’ll tell you about in another post, so I can’t believe it’s happening! One step closer to my goal.

I also wanted to let you know that if you want to have cupcakes on reserve, you know for Halloween parties, email me in advance and I’ll have dozen assorted packs set aside for advance orders. You’ll need to come by the market to pick them up. The minimum for advance orders is only a dozen! Send me an email for more information.

To get to the Farmers Market, enter the Park through the Marine Way gate and follow the signs – the market will be adjacent to the Farm & Food Lab.

If you come, stop by and say hi!

And thank you to everyone who has ever purchased our cupcakes, tasted our cupcakes, blogged about our cupcakes. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. XOXO

Gender Reveal Party


A month ago, I got a call from a woman who is expecting a baby. She was close to finding out what the sex is of the baby and had decided that she wanted to throw a party for her family and friends to find out what the baby is all together. A Gender Reveal Party! This was such a fun order to do. What I suggested was that we go with my Fauxstess cake but instead of the normal white cream filling, I could tint the filling inside the color of the baby’s sex. She loved that idea and we made plans to meet up after her 20 week appt when she would find out what the sex is.

The lab technician wrote it down on a piece of paper and the sealed it up in an envelope. Then I went and got the envelope from her so I could find out what kind of baby they were going to have. So exciting!!

For the decorations, I should them some ideas and the mom and dad came back picking this one with a few changes.

Read more

Orange Crush

Ok so it’s been a few more days that I’d hoped passed by before I got a chance to write up about Cupcake Camp. Ok weeks actually. Months? I got a cold (thanks honey!) and it knocked me off my butt for a while and then a lot of other stuff happened which is not happy cupcake stuff and I don’t want to bring ya’ll down.  So my apologies for taking so much time to get to this. I promise lots of pics. That’s what you like anyway, right?

So here is the winning cupcake:
The Orange Crush

Orange Crush - the winner - at Cupcake Camp OC!

That tiny sign down there says
“Orange Crush cake
Creamsicle buttercream”

Thank you to Marcy for supplying me with that great old ad and Blog Crush logos for the cupcake toppers. Have you heard of Blog Crush? No? Well head on over and check it out. The Blog Crush group has allowed me to meet some pretty incredible OC peeps in the handful of years that I’ve lived here. Before I joined up, the only people that were my friends up here were people I worked with. And now I have lots of new friends, great blogs to read and have had endless networking opportunities. It’s really a good thing.

So when I decided to enter in the competition part of Cupcake Camp, I knew I wanted to do something that not only represented OC but also this awesome group of people. The name was already a play off the deliciously orangey drink so why not experiment with it in cake form? 7-Up has been getting all the cake love so it was time for a new soda to come in.

I honestly am surprised at how fast these suckers left my table. I really didn’t think people were going to be crazy for orange cupcakes. I thought my red velvet would be the first to disappear and then the cookie dough peanut butter cupcakes (A Kid Again). But Orange Crush was literally flying off the stand. It was so exciting! And a bummer cause I ran out of them about an hour into the camp. So I am really sorry to all the folks who stopped by and came face to face with empty cupcake stands.

The competition!

The competition! Daunting isn’t it? Thank GOD I didn’t have to sample all of those. I felt really bad for the judges who looked like they were going to up chuck cupcakes at any moment.

You can read some of the judges re-caps here:
The Cupcake Activist
She’s Cookin

Actually, Elise put together a great list of re-caps which you can catch here

This was my other entry. Sorry about the horrible picture. It was a risky flavor but I think it was good. If I had a shop, I’d offer it. But I did not add it to my flavor menu because I don’t think anyone would want to order a whole dozen of them.

Berry Balsamic

Berry Balsamic was a strawberry cake filled with macerated strawberries and topped with balsamic buttercream and a brulee strawberry. It lost to a Chicken and Waffle cupcake.

Some familiar faces showed up at our table which really made my day.

Debbie, owner of Dippin Dots in Fountain Valley and her lovely daughter
Debbie and her daughter

Marcie, of Marcie Taylor Photography and Albert the man behind

Marcie and Albert

Angry Julie and Angry Kid
She also did a great post too.

It was a fun experience. I don’t think the organizers expected so many folks to show up. But they ended up with nearly 1000 people in attendance, 90 registered bakers, 5201 cupcakes, and raised $9100 to help aid El Pozo!
Pretty awesome.

MAJOR thanks to Sharon from Cupcakes&Cutlery for helping me set my table up and having props to use and that handy dandy magic tool box. Check out her website when you get a chance. It’s full of some great party ideas. And she now has a Facebook page so go on over and Like her.

Pretty much says it all.

Yippee!! Cupcake Camp OC 2010

I’ve got lots of pics to post but right now I just wanted to tell ya that we won! Woo hoo!! Our OC themed cupcake – The Orange Crush – won BEST in the professional category.

I even got a really cool plaque with my company name on it. RAD!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the cause! The final count was over 800 attendees, much bigger than expected. So much so that we ran out of cupcakes an hour and a half in! So I am so sorry to everyone that stopped by to get one and we were out. But we appreciate all your donations and I’ll update when we find out the grand total.

Like I said, I’ve got lots of pics to post but first I need to sleep. And get a massage. And get some new feet.

Cupcake Camp OC – Aug 1

In case you haven’t heard (via twitter or facebook), I will be participating in Cupcake Camp OC on Aug 1 at the Atrium Hotel in Irvine. This local event brings together bakers of all levels and ages to donate cupcakes for a cause. The event is free but we are asking for donations in support of the end of human trafficking and slavery. Read more about this cause.

There is also going to be a cupcake eating contest, guest judges and a cupcake competition for the best unique/exotic, best “OC” and best old school cupcakes in Orange County.

The event and competition is open to everyone! Awesome right? You can sign up here to be a baker. Or if you want to attend and mack out on lots of free cupcakes, MINE included!, RSVP here. It’s an all ages event so bring your whole family.

It’s going to be a huge blast! And my husband has entered in the Amateur competition for the best “OC” cupcake. That’s right. My husband likes to bake. And cook. Hells yes!

I hope I see you there! And if you can’t make it, I’ll know you’ll be rooting for me from a distance right? RIGHT?? HA!

For more info about Cupcake Camp OC, please visit

DIY: 4th of July Dessert Kabobs

cupcake kabobs 4th of july

So the middle of the year is almost here. Can ya believe it?? Wasn’t I just stressing out about Christmas?

Last year, the lovely Suz Broughton asked me to put together a tutorial for her blog on OC Mom Blogs in the OC Register. Check it out here.  Since it’s a new year, I wanted to do another tutorial along the same lines as last year’s with some changes. I wanted to make them a little easier, a little less sweet. I would say healthier but we know that isn’t true. So I’ll go with less sweet.

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Groovy Graduation cupcake tower

This is the cupcake tower that I worked on last night into the morning and delivered and set up this morning. It’s 100 Groovy cupcakes decorated with custom toppers – peace signs, 2010 and flower power tie dye paper flowers with happy face stickers. I marbled the fondant as well to give it a tie dye look.

As soon as I stepped away to take a pic, this happened:

Groovy Graduation cupcake tower

Then the odd sounding digital bell rang and they went to class.

Ahh memories of elementary graduation. I had two – my first elementary school graduated at 5th grade. Then we moved and the new school I went to graduated at 6th grade.

Cakes, cupcakes and new blog look

I’ve updated the look of my blog, as you can see if you are visiting my blog and not via a reader. The old template had been bugging me for a long time and then I noticed Blogger had new templates available. FINALLY.

So anyway, here are a few things I’ve been working on lately –

Beach themed cupcake tower

This cupcake tower was for a home wedding with a seaside theme. Everything was handmade including the chocolate seashells. The cake and cupcakes were Pina Colada and Pink Lady.

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation is around the corner and some orders have been coming in. These were for a graduation themed cupcake tower.

40th birthday Beer themed cupcakes

40th birthday Beer themed cupcakes

40th Birthday Beer themed cupcakes – these were all eggless and included a chocolate stout cupcake with bourbon buttercream and a vanilla cupcake with lemon buttercream. I worked with the client to come up with some flavors that would compliment beer.

Princess themed cupcakes

Princess themed cupcakes

Princess themed cupcakes – these were for a little girls 3rd birthday at Pump It Up in Irvine. Flavors with the crowns is Happy Birthday and wands is Little Girls.

And I’ve been getting more cake orders lately. Including these two:

This one was a challenge because I’d never done something like it before. I think it came out well.

30th birthday cake - Shooting stars

And this weekend I did a Buzz Lightyear themed cupcake tower including a matching cake

Buzz Lightyear cake

I’ve had some more orders but unfortunately forgot to take pictures.

This week I am working on a big graduation order for tomorrow morning, a graduation party and a Camp Pendleton Mud Run party for Saturday and a World Cup Soccer themed birthday cupcake tower for Sunday. Busy busy!

On a personal note, a lot has been going on including my husband losing his job a couple weeks ago. Ironic, eh? So I’ve been booking more orders than usual just to try and make up some difference in the loss of income. It is what it is you know? At least I can do something I love to do and not have to take a second job in retail or something like that. And thank god I am employed and busy at work. But I am starting to get a little wacky from lack of sleep. haha

Anyone watch Cupcake Wars last night? Obviously I did not make the cut and I’m fine with that. I was told that there was going to be a $10k prize but I don’t remember any mention of it last night. Maybe I missed it?