The Best Dad Deserves the Best Cupcakes

Maple Bacon

Father’s Day is June 17! Come out and visit the Orange Home Grown Farmers Market Saturday June 16 and grab some treats for the man in your life. We will have two special flavors that give a manly edge to our sweet cupcakes –

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Cocktail parties and Erin Go Bragh!

Your help is needed! SEE below.

This week has been crazy busy with cupcake orders. A big 5 dozen order was delivered on Thursday and I have another 1 dozen to deliver tonight. And then more baking! Going to two parties tomorrow and bringing cupcakes to both PLUS it’s Grandpa’s 83rd birthday and I’m making him cupcakes with fabulous cupcake toppers from The Peach. I still haven’t decided what flavor to make though…

For the one of the parties this weekend I’ve decided to make mini cupcakes. I think mini cupcakes are great for cocktail parties to sit on the table along side the appetizers. And they are just 2 bites so you don’t need a plate. I was thinking about decorating them in a theme but I don’t know if I’ll have time (or the patience) to do so. These are going to be an assortment of flavors.

For the other party, a St. Patrick’s Day party, I am going to make green velvet mini and regular cupcakes and a version of the Irish Car Bomb cupcakes I’ve seen floating around the internet.

This is where I need your help.

So for the ICB cupcakes, I was thinking I could:

1. make them like black bottom cupcakes but flavor the cream cheese filling with baileys and whiskey and then also top the cupcakes with baileys buttercream. Too much?
2. or, I could make a baileys cream filling for the chocolate stout cupcakes, drizzle with a whiskey sugar syrup and top with the baileys buttercream. Still too much?
3. or, finally, I could forgo the whiskey altogether and just make chocolate stout cupcakes topped with baileys buttercream (similar to what I did last year)

So that’s where I need your advice. Yes I am making these tonight so your speedy opinion is really appreciated.

I will post pics of how they come out along with the dozen I am delivering tonight and the minis I’m making for the purse party.

Til then!
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