las vegas

I’ve got some catching up to do

I am going to apologize now for the next few posts that you’ll see about things I did MONTHS ago. They have been sitting in my blogger draft waiting for me to give the finishing touches which means they are now covered in dust and need a good cleaning.

Lots going on, sad to say not really related to cupcakes but that is still going well and strong. April was a slow month but it’s picking back up again with wedding season around the corner, graduations coming up, fathers day, world cup, summer parties, etc. So I am going to be a busy bee the next few months.

Let’s talk about J.C….

Not THAT J.C! Johnny Cupcakes!

Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour - Stop at Retro Bakery in Las Vegas!

I had SUCH A FABULOUS TIME meeting and greeting with Johnny and his crew. And it goes without saying that I really had fun hanging with my cupcake family, the Haskells of Retro Bakery. I don’t know how Kari and Brian do it but they have managed to run a successful business while also raising two of the best kids around. They are mature, fun, silly, and totally down to earth kids. Lucy had me in laughing fits the entire time and Abbi was so fun to talk to and gossip with. She has such confidence for a kid her age.

Since we were VIPS (ehem) we got to sit inside Retro and wait for Johnny’s arrival. THANK GOD because that line was crazy!! Like 200 people in line. And one kid got there at 6am, BEFORE Retro even opened! Everyone in line was such a good sport too. It was harmonious. You can read all about it from Kari’s experience here.

Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour - Stop at Retro Bakery in Las Vegas!

Johnny and his crew, Danny, Paul & Stebs, were all so nice and professional. They hung around for a bit after everyone left and played around, graciously let us take pics of the gang, ate cupcakes and talked about the tour, life, etc. It was sad to see them all go. But they had more cities to visit, tshirts to sell, people to meet, memories to make.

Here is the video Stebs made of the Vegas stop. See my car?? Weeee!!

Stay for the very end to hear some great giggles.

I don’t know how Stebs does it! His videos are GREAT!! He does all that work while on the road between shows. I don’t think he sleeps. Seriously.

Anyway, if you haven’t read Johnny’s story – head over here. He is truly the man, doing his thing, getting family and friends involved, doing what he loves. He is the one us small biz folks look up to. He gives me hope that I too one day can do what I love full-time, involve my family and be able to share that with everyone.

Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour - Stop at Retro Bakery in Las Vegas!


Vegas baby!!

I am in Vegas right now, to visit the fabulous Kari from Retro Bakery AND to catch up with Johnny Cupcakes on his Suitcase Tour!

Tomorrow is the big day so if you are in the area, head north to Retro to meet Johnny and eat THE BEST cupcakes in Las Vegas!

Saturday, April 17th, 6:00 pm
Retro Bakery, 7785 North Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV