Disney themed weekend


This weekend kinda had a Disney theme to it. We had a few orders starting off with PushCakes for a joint birthday party with a bow & bow tie theme.


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Cakes, cupcakes and new blog look

I’ve updated the look of my blog, as you can see if you are visiting my blog and not via a reader. The old template had been bugging me for a long time and then I noticed Blogger had new templates available. FINALLY.

So anyway, here are a few things I’ve been working on lately –

Beach themed cupcake tower

This cupcake tower was for a home wedding with a seaside theme. Everything was handmade including the chocolate seashells. The cake and cupcakes were Pina Colada and Pink Lady.

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation is around the corner and some orders have been coming in. These were for a graduation themed cupcake tower.

40th birthday Beer themed cupcakes

40th birthday Beer themed cupcakes

40th Birthday Beer themed cupcakes – these were all eggless and included a chocolate stout cupcake with bourbon buttercream and a vanilla cupcake with lemon buttercream. I worked with the client to come up with some flavors that would compliment beer.

Princess themed cupcakes

Princess themed cupcakes

Princess themed cupcakes – these were for a little girls 3rd birthday at Pump It Up in Irvine. Flavors with the crowns is Happy Birthday and wands is Little Girls.

And I’ve been getting more cake orders lately. Including these two:

This one was a challenge because I’d never done something like it before. I think it came out well.

30th birthday cake - Shooting stars

And this weekend I did a Buzz Lightyear themed cupcake tower including a matching cake

Buzz Lightyear cake

I’ve had some more orders but unfortunately forgot to take pictures.

This week I am working on a big graduation order for tomorrow morning, a graduation party and a Camp Pendleton Mud Run party for Saturday and a World Cup Soccer themed birthday cupcake tower for Sunday. Busy busy!

On a personal note, a lot has been going on including my husband losing his job a couple weeks ago. Ironic, eh? So I’ve been booking more orders than usual just to try and make up some difference in the loss of income. It is what it is you know? At least I can do something I love to do and not have to take a second job in retail or something like that. And thank god I am employed and busy at work. But I am starting to get a little wacky from lack of sleep. haha

Anyone watch Cupcake Wars last night? Obviously I did not make the cut and I’m fine with that. I was told that there was going to be a $10k prize but I don’t remember any mention of it last night. Maybe I missed it?


Today is your birthday, dahnah dahnah, dahnah

Lots of birthday orders last weekend –

Giant cupcake 1st Birthday for a Girl

This was for a little girls 1st birthday. The parents requested this as her smash cake. I hope she had fun!

Custom 2 doz mini Queen of Hearts

Birthday mini cupcakes for a girls 8th from her aunt

Custom Happy Birthday mini cupcakes

More mini cupcakes. There were from a daughter to her mom. There were 4 doz mini’s total but I forgot to take a picture of the other dozen. You can’t see from the picture but I made embossed fondant discs accented with sugar pearls and disco dust. The lettering was also brushed with disco dust.

Lots of orders for mini cupcakes lately. And this weekend, I have two weddings on Saturday where one is for 450 mini cupcakes. Yowza.

I also had a tasting on Sunday for a little girl’s upcoming 4th birthday.

Tasting box

The little girl was a DOLL. Her favorite was the groovy with pink buttercream. And her mom liked the fauxstess. The birthday party theme is going to be Jasmine from Aladdin. I am going to make a giant cupcake that will look like a tower on an arabian castle and accompanying mini cupcakes with Jasmine crowns.