Cakes, cupcakes and new blog look

I’ve updated the look of my blog, as you can see if you are visiting my blog and not via a reader. The old template had been bugging me for a long time and then I noticed Blogger had new templates available. FINALLY.

So anyway, here are a few things I’ve been working on lately –

Beach themed cupcake tower

This cupcake tower was for a home wedding with a seaside theme. Everything was handmade including the chocolate seashells. The cake and cupcakes were Pina Colada and Pink Lady.

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation cupcakes

Graduation is around the corner and some orders have been coming in. These were for a graduation themed cupcake tower.

40th birthday Beer themed cupcakes

40th birthday Beer themed cupcakes

40th Birthday Beer themed cupcakes – these were all eggless and included a chocolate stout cupcake with bourbon buttercream and a vanilla cupcake with lemon buttercream. I worked with the client to come up with some flavors that would compliment beer.

Princess themed cupcakes

Princess themed cupcakes

Princess themed cupcakes – these were for a little girls 3rd birthday at Pump It Up in Irvine. Flavors with the crowns is Happy Birthday and wands is Little Girls.

And I’ve been getting more cake orders lately. Including these two:

This one was a challenge because I’d never done something like it before. I think it came out well.

30th birthday cake - Shooting stars

And this weekend I did a Buzz Lightyear themed cupcake tower including a matching cake

Buzz Lightyear cake

I’ve had some more orders but unfortunately forgot to take pictures.

This week I am working on a big graduation order for tomorrow morning, a graduation party and a Camp Pendleton Mud Run party for Saturday and a World Cup Soccer themed birthday cupcake tower for Sunday. Busy busy!

On a personal note, a lot has been going on including my husband losing his job a couple weeks ago. Ironic, eh? So I’ve been booking more orders than usual just to try and make up some difference in the loss of income. It is what it is you know? At least I can do something I love to do and not have to take a second job in retail or something like that. And thank god I am employed and busy at work. But I am starting to get a little wacky from lack of sleep. haha

Anyone watch Cupcake Wars last night? Obviously I did not make the cut and I’m fine with that. I was told that there was going to be a $10k prize but I don’t remember any mention of it last night. Maybe I missed it?


Happy New Year!

Can I still say that? Even though it’s now well into the new year?

Sorry for the absence. With time off of work, orders and etc, including being super busy at work (my day job), I just haven’t had the chance. I really shouldn’t be right now either. I’ve got a newsletter to finish.

So this will be short and sweet – I wanted to share with you pictures from a few orders I’ve done recently. I had a wedding on New Years Eve, a little girls 3rd birthday party order, a 50th birthday party order and a special little kids 3rd birthday….

Let’s start with that one first. My dear friend Elizabeth’s cutie pie little girl turned 3 in December. THREE! I just can’t believe it. She is such a little person. I love it! And love her.

She wanted vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting and lots of sprinkles so I made vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting, sprinkles and glitter. I made one dozen for the kids using agave nectar and they were none the wiser. Even some of the adults liked them. Using agave nectar gave the cupcakes a more earthy smell. Does that make sense? It smelled kinda like honey. Smelled delicious!

Emory's 3rd Birthday

Next up was another little girls 3rd birthday. This one was different. She is allergic to all dairy so I made vegan cupcakes. It was the first time she ever tasted frosting!

3rd Birthday Cupcakes

Love the little sneaky finger in there. This picture was taken by her Aunt, the one who also ordered the cupcakes from Meringue Bake Shop. Go Aunt!

Here is a shot of the completed cupcake tower for the New Years Eve wedding.

New Years Eve Black & White Wedding cupcakes

The theme was Black and White. It looked very elegant inside. Very cool idea for a wedding date, dontcha think?

And finally, a small order for a mom’s 50th birthday. She used to eat my red velvet cupcakes when I sold them at Bliss and so her daughter ordered a dozen from me for her mom’s birthday.

50th birthday cupcake order

I rimmed the edges in red sparkling sugar. Fancy!

That’s it for now. I have some changes coming to my pricing that I will talk about in another post. And another announcement that you may already know, if you are following me on twitter….

Weddings wedding weddings!

Bowers Museum Wedding, originally uploaded by kristin_a.

Last weekend was a BIG one. Big as in 2 weddings. Big as in 38 dozen mini cupcakes plus 4 dozen regular cupcakes PLUS two cutting cakes. It was exhausting. And I was under the weather. Oy.

But everything went great! I was on time even though one event was in Irvine and the other was 30 mins later in Santa Ana. The traffic gods were on my side.

I am taking 2 days off this weekend to make a special trip to Las Vegas to visit Kari and her crew at Retro Bakery AND meet IN PERSON Carrie Fields from Fields of Cake. Folks – Carrie is not a only a baker, she is an ARTIST. Check out her work. It’s humbling. I felt a wave of stress peel off me as I squealed on the phone with her this afternoon on my way home from work.

We are planning on a baykah’s (as Kari would say it) night out tomorrow at Serendipity 3 by Caesars Palace. CANNOT WAIT. The drive tomorrow is going to be longest!

I cannot stress enough how important blogging and twittering have been for me in this baking adventure. I’ve found that having confidants in the same biz locally is not possible. Too much cattiness and too much competitiveness to really help each other. So through twitter and blogging, I’ve been able to connect with women who hold the same interests as me from all over the US and even Canada (Hi Clever Cupcakes and Sugar Baking!). One day I hope that we can all meet. Maybe hold our own form of a BlogHer. Maybe we’ll call it BakHer.

5 years ago…

A bit of a break from the cupcake posts…


Five years ago tomorrow (8/15) I married my wonderful husband, Lyle, in Kauai, HI at sunset on the beach. It was truly the best day I’ve experienced so far in my life. The weather was perfect, our family and friends surrounded us on the beach, I was marrying my love, and it was Kauai for goodness sakes.

I walked down the “aisle” on my brothers arm to a musician playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”…


When we got to the alter, we gave our mothers leis (and everyone else)


Then we exchanged leis



Said our vows and then I do


The rest is history…


Happy Anniversary to my honey!

We are spending our anniversary in LA this weekend, being touristy, eating cupcakes and relaxing. Next year we hope to make it back to Kauai…

I could seriously post a million pictures but to prevent myself from doing so, jump on over here to see the rest of the pics from that day and week and enjoy!

Weddings On Ice Bridal Show & Party Planning Expo

I am a bridal show virgin. My first one is coming up, called Weddings on Ice, and I am so excited and nervous! I’ve been preparing for it since June. I want my table to be perfect. I’ve been searching for table decorations and trying to create a table scape that will reflect my personality and my business.

I’ve taken great inspiration from Kara of Kara’s Parties. She deserves the party queen crown because seriously, take a look at this: Circus Party and Fourth of July BBQ and Bunco Party which is the party I am taking inspiration from. My logo colors are pink and turquoise/teal so when I saw this:

(photo from Kara’s site)
I knew I had to try and emulate it as much as possible. I have a 6′ conference style table at the event so I am definitely going to copy her tablecloth look. I don’t know if I can have the striped fabric behind me though. Still need to check on that. I am going to have some regular sized cupcakes out for display only and then trays of mini cupcakes for brides and grooms to sample. I will also have a couple of photo albums, one at each end of the table, with pics of my cupcakes. Or I could just set up my laptop for people to view my Flickr cupcake set. What do you think?

I’ve also created these little giveaways

Favor ideas for bridal show

Cello bags filled with pink and blue jimmies and stickers with my name and website url. Question is, how many do I make? I have 100 bags but only 80 stickers.

Should I have little bottles of water too? I don’t have time or money to personalize anything right now. I won’t even have shirts or aprons with my logo on them. I am going to try and make a sign with my logo on it and stick it to some foam core so I have some sort of signage. No money. 🙁 So I hope that doesn’t hurt me as a business. I will have a cupcake apron on but it’s just a Jessie Steele one

Is there anything else I am missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated from my fellow businesses out there who’ve attended Bridal shows.

And now for the info….

BEAT THE HEAT! The Weddings on Ice Bridal Show is a FREE event with FREE parking. They are also serving as a food drive for Second Harvest Food Bank. If you bring a canned good, you get half-off skating admission (only $5 to skate). There will be a vow renewal ceremony at 11:15a and a fashion show at 12p. They are also hosting “A Dress for Charity” where they accept gently worn party and bridal dresses for charity. All proceeds go directly to Second Harvest Food Bank too. More:

  • Celebrity Hockey Player Garter Belt Sign and Toss!
  • Group Renewal of Vows Ceremony (Come in your favorite Hockey Jersey, Funny Tee Shirts! Prizes for the Best Dressed, Most Creative, and Craziest
  • Fashion Show EXTRAVAGANZA!

    Everything from the Wedding Day to the Honeymoon!!!

There are also going to be free food samples, cake tastings, CUPCAKE TASTINGS (courtesy of moi) and door prizes, raffles and freebies.

Saturday July 25 10-3pm
23641 La Palma Avenue
Yorba Linda, CA 92887

I am going to have a special offer for brides, event planners, etc at this event only. So if you come, please stop by my table and I’ll tell you all about it!

Hope to see you there!

Wedding cupcakes

My first wedding has gone and past without any problems. It was really fun to create all these different flavors and decorations. I had some help too (thanks Terryn!) otherwise it would have been a very long night.

As promised, here are some pictures:

Wedding cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes

The bride ordered 7 dozen cupcakes in the following flavors:

Queen of Hearts – Red Velvet with cream cheese buttercream
Celebration (new flavor) – Champagne cupcake filled with raspberries and topped with Champagne buttercream
Southern Belle – Coconut cake topped with coconut creme pie buttercream
DIY – Chocolate stout cupcake topped with marshmallow buttercream (groom’s request)

For more flavors, visit the menu on my website –

I was unsure about the acrylic stand but I actually ended up loving it. I think it looks great! It really makes the cupcake stand out. It ended up being enough to hold 35 cupcakes with another 15 underneath along the bottom for a total of 50 cupcakes. The leftover cupcakes were kept in the fridge for part 2 of the reception taking place later that evening.

So it was a busy weekend but I enjoyed every minute of it!! I really wanted to make it to the LA Cupcake Challenge on Sunday but I was too tired and pretty cupcaked out. Hopefully next year I’ll be participating in the challenge! That’s one of my goals.

Right now I am looking for someone to help me build a logo/create an image for Meringue Bake Shop. It’s having an identity crisis. If you know of anyone that could help, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Love is in the air

It’s been a busy week. On top of having a mean cold, I was also in a week long all company meeting that included long days and an evening event. This week we begin training on our new website CMS system.

I’d love a vacation.

My cupcakes have been busy too. On Saturday, 6 dozen cupcakes headed out to various events in Orange County. Three dozen went to a baby shower:
Baby shower cupcakes

And three dozen went to an engagement party:
Engagement cupcakes

I also met with Sarah who is getting married in August. She decided to order her wedding cupcakes from me. I am really excited about this. Not only is it a big order, my cupcakes get to be part of someone’s very special day. Sarah is getting married near the beach so her cupcakes will reflect upon the ocean, sea shells and green orchids. I can’t wait to work on them. Too bad I have to wait until August!

While I was meeting with the bride-to-be and her sister, a woman at another table approached us and asked me for my card. She had recently got married and couldn’t help but overhear our conversation and was also interested in my cupcakes. Hopefully that will bring more business.

I also might have a possible investor. More on that later.

See ya!